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Recommended anti-splashing sports shoes?

361 degree rain screen: The function of anti-splashing and water-repelling can deal with light rain. The upper adopts a windproof design and has good air permeability.

bluecross blueshield coverage of weight management program

361 degree burst foam rain screen: The warmth retention of this shoe is average and suitable for wearing in the south.

Anta C100: This shoe is a large weight jogging shoe. The cushioning and rebound effect is good and the wrapping is good.

Pegasus shield: This shoe is a winter warm running shoe with the function of anti-splashing and water-repelling, but its fluff is very warm and cannot be worn in summer. It is suitable for wearing in the wet and cold winter in the south.

Please note that if the outdoor drive DNU is large in rainy days, it is recommended to choose non-slip and waterproof thick-soled sports shoes; if the rainy day is only light rain and the drive DNU is not large, it is recommended to choose thin-soled and breathable running shoes. If conditions permit, it is best to choose an indoor treadmill for exercise.

Shock-absorbing running shoes rank among the top ten?

01 Li Ning lightweight running shoes

Synthetic leather and dense mesh spliced upper, soft wrapping feet, comfortable and not sultry, free breathing, hearty running.

02 Li Ning Gundam Field Running Shoes

The sole adopts the field running rubber outsole with multi-directional texture design, which improves the grip and wear resistance at the same time, allowing you to run to your heart’s content.

03 Li Ning Shock Absorption Running Shoes

Jacquard upper, equipped with a matte film design, which is breathable and comfortable for the feet.

04 Li Ning Shock Absorption Running Shoes

Anti-collision toe, reducing toe collision and taking care of every step. The lace binding design on the tongue is strengthened, which effectively reduces the deviation of the tongue and makes it more comfortable to wear.

05 Li Ning Eazgo soft-soled shock-absorbing running shoes

Comfortable second-generation sole, double-layer double-density material structure, equipped with Li Ningyun technology, spherical cloud shape, effective shock absorption and rebound, making every step like walking in the clouds.

06 Li Ningyun fifth-generation SHIELD shock-absorbing running shoes

Li Ningyun technology blesses cushioning and rebound, effectively buffering the impact of the landing, bringing a soft feeling like soaring clouds. Mesh upper, rich in shape, the top is spliced with different mesh fabrics.

07 Li Ning Ultra Light 16th Generation Running Shoes

High Strength CORDURA Fiber Fly Weaving MONO Yarn Creates a lightweight upper, enhances the wrapping, feels soft on the feet, and runs freely. The new LIGHTFOAM midsole technology, with upgraded cushioning and rebound performance, takes into account lightness and softness, and has a translucent bottom texture, highlighting the characteristic sports style.

08 Li Ning Eazgo Mesh Running Shoes

MONO yarn material, breathable and refreshing, full of texture, relieves your depression and releases your vitality.

09 Li Ning Summer Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

The upper is equipped with colorful reflective effects to improve visibility in low light conditions and escort night running.

10 Li Ning Dunhuang Joint Running Shoes

The upper is covered with fur material to improve the texture. The dense woven mesh and large mesh mesh are spliced together for a comfortable foot feel, and you can travel hundreds of miles a day. Double shoelace design, with heel carrying device and mid-waist webbing, the overall shape is like a fully loaded camel.

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