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Quantity or weight rules for food packaging?

There are relevant regulations and standards to stipulate. 1. According to the provisions of the Food Safety Law and relevant regulatory authorities, the quantity or weight of food packaging needs to meet certain quantitative requirements to ensure the rights and interests of consumers and the quality and safety of products. 2. It is also related to market demand and supply chain management, and can maintain the stable supply and price competitiveness of products. 1. In different countries or regions, the standards for the quantity or weight rules of food packaging may vary. Consumers can refer to the labels on food packaging or consult relevant departments for accurate information. 2. In addition to quantity or weight regulations, food packaging also needs to meet regulatory requirements for information identification, use of food additives, etc. 3. When purchasing food, consumers should pay attention to the labels on the product packaging to understand the specifications, net content and other information of the product to ensure their reasonable consumption rights and interests.

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How to punish the food for not matching the weight of the packaging?

The “Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Measurement of Quantitative Packaged Commodities” requires that the difference between the standard net content and the actual content shall not be greater than the allowable shortage amount specified in the schedule.

Article 9

The average actual content of a batch of quantitatively packaged goods shall be greater than or equal to its marked net content.

Article 18

If the quantitative packaging goods produced and sold violate the provisions of Article 9 of these Measures after inspection, they shall be ordered to make corrections and may be fined less than 3 times the value of the batch of goods inspected, up to a maximum of 30,000 yuan.

How many catties per square meter of steel plate with a thickness of 15?

The answer is: 11.79 kilograms, that is, 23.58 catties.

The raw material of steel plate is steel. Steel is an indispensable and important material for national construction and the realization of the four modernizations. It is widely used and has a wide variety. According to the shape of the section, steel is generally divided into four categories: profiles, plates, pipes and metal products. In order to facilitate the organization of steel production and management, it is divided into heavy rail, light rail, large section steel, medium-sized section steel, small section steel, steel cold-formed section steel, high-quality section steel, wire rod, medium-thick steel plate, thin steel plate, silicon steel sheet for electrical use, strip steel, seamless steel pipe steel, welded steel pipe, metal products and other varieties.

Why can’t a 25-ton crane lift 25 tons of things?

A 25-ton crane can lift 25 tons of objects only within 3 meters of the working range, and it cannot get up if the working range exceeds 3 meters.

For example, the equipment on the unloading truck is 3 meters from the slewing center to the outriggers, and it reaches 4. 5 meters. The lifting weight of 25 tons at about 5 meters is 22 tons, so the 25-ton crane cannot lift 25 tons of goods.

Safety management The lifting weight of the crane can only be 80% of the rated lifting weight, which means that the 25-ton crane can lift less than 20 tons.

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