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Q: Q: How about Avon skin care products? Come in and tell me if you have used them?

Avon is a product for sensitive skin and generally does not cause allergies. For safety, you’d better try it first to make sure you don’t have allergies before using it all over your face.

cotton pads for skin care routine

The so-called skin care products for sensitive skin refer to ingredients that are more prone to low irritation in the selection of raw materials and do not contain ingredients that are prone to allergies such as fragrances and pigments. Compared with other skin care products, the safety will definitely be higher. But this does not mean absolute safety, because any ingredient may cause allergies. Allergies are caused by an individual’s inadaptability to a certain ingredient, which is determined by the individual’s own factors, not necessarily the product’s problem. In medicine, even some anti-allergic drugs can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, skin care products used for sensitive skin may also cause allergies. How to choose the right skin care products depends on each person’s different skin conditions, but how to confirm whether the product will cause allergies, or you need to try it yourself to know. You can apply the product to be used on a cotton pad of a breathable Band-Aid, then stick it on the inside of the arm, take it off after 24 hours, and watch the condition of the skin. If there is no redness and swelling, this product should not cause allergies to you.

If you need more help, you are welcome to consult: Zhime Cosmetic Skin Expert.

Daily Usage of Compound Essential Oil for the Face?

Compound Essential Oil is an essential oil formula that combines a variety of unilateral essential oils and base oils. It has a synergistic effect and can improve a variety of skin problems. The following is the daily usage of using Compound Essential Oil for the Face:

Use alone:

After cleaning, take an appropriate amount of applicable Compound Essential Oil and apply it to the corresponding area, such as face, chin, neck, and pat until fully absorbed.

You can also do a 1-2 minute massage to promote skin blood circulation and enhance skin elasticity.

Mixed use:

Dissolve the compound essential oil in skin care products such as cleansing milk, massage cream, mask, moisturizer, toner, etc., and add 1 to 5 drops each time.

You can apply the essential oil to inconspicuous places such as the back of your hand or wrist, test if there is an allergic reaction, and then continue to use it after confirming that it is correct.

Makeup remover:

When removing makeup, drop an appropriate amount of essential oil on a cotton pad and wash it directly, and then wash it off with water (usually makeup remover products are insoluble in water, you need to use a facial cleanser to clean it again).

After the essential oil is dissolved in water, it is white and milky. It has a cleansing effect that deeply removes pore dirt and completely removes makeup and oil.

It should be noted that:

Before using the compound essential oil, please be sure to perform a skin test to confirm that it will not cause allergic reactions before using it.

Do not apply the essential oil to sensitive areas such as eyes and lips.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children and people with sensitive skin should always consult a doctor before use.

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