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putonweight Make a sentence?

It does. Because putonweight means gaining weight. For example, Shehasbeenputtingonweightsinceshestartedworkingfromhomeandstoppedexercisingregularly. (She has been gaining weight since she started working from home and stopped exercising regularly.) Gaining weight can have a negative impact on health, so pay attention to diet and proper exercise to stay healthy.

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The preposition before recently?

recently is an adverb, without a preposition before the adverb.

recentlyadv. Recently; recently; recently; recently; not long ago; Example: ThebankrecentlyopenedabranchinGermany This bank recently opened a branch in Germany.

recently is at the end of the sentence:

Sheputonweightrecently. She has gained weight recently.

Therehasbeenadropincrimerecently. The crime rate has decreased recently.

recently is in the sentence (before the verb)

Mypoprecentlyretiredfromwork. My dad recently retired.

Hehasrecentlybeenpromoted. He recently got a promotion.

I ‘veonlyrecentlystartedlearningFrench. I only recently started learning French.

recently is at the beginning of the sentence (especially to arouse interest or for contrast)

RecentlyIsawherverylittle. I haven’t seen her much lately.

RecentlyJohnhasbeendoinghisworkquiteregularly. John has been working regularly lately.

Recently, hehasbeenworkingonhismaster ‘sdegreeattheuniversity. Recently, he is studying for a master’s degree at university.

For asrecentlyas:

AsrecentlyassixmonthsagohernamewasalmostunknowninBritain. Just 6 months ago, her name was virtually unknown in the UK

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