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Prostate Massage
General Information on Prostate

The prostate is a gland found under the urinary bladder that is covered by the urethra. Prostate can be found in front of the rectum and below the bladder. It can be palpated in the rectum.

The prostate normally has a soft feeling. It is made up two regions surrounded by layers of the outer tissue. The prostate of a male human is slightly bigger than a walnut. It can be felt when undergoing a rectal exam. The urethra from the bladder that is within the prostate is called the prostatic urethra which then combines with the ejaculatory ducts. Urethra functions to carry the urine coming from the bladder when a man urinates and also functions during ejaculation by taking the semen.

The main function of the prostate is during ejaculation. It is responsible for the production of the fluid for sperm activation. The fluid constitutes 30 percent of the semen. The prostatic fluid contains a high pH that means it is more alkaline. The fluid along with sperm makes semen. Without the prostate glands, men generally are sterile.

Secretion in the prostate differs for every species. Secretions are made of sugar and most of the time more basic. For the prostatic secretions of human, 1% contains proteins. The secretion also includes acid phosphatase, proteolytic enzymes, prostate V specific antigen, citric acid, and zinc. For the proper regulation of the prostate, a hormone called androgen is needed. This is the hormone responsible for the characteristics of male sex. The main hormone of a male is called the testosterone, generated by the testicles.
Prostate can be affected by disorders categorized on the level of inflammation. The three usual disorders are:
1. Prostatitis V is a prostate inflammation. It has many types that also have various causes and results. The chronic bacterial prostatitis and acute prostatitis can be treated with the use of antibiotics. The non V bacterial chronic prostatitis consist 95% of the diagnosis for the causes of prostatitis. It can be treated in different ways like;
X Phytotherapy
X Alpha blockers
X Antihistamines
X Psychotherapy
X Physical therapy
X Anxiolytics
X Nerve modulators
2. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia V This disorder usually occur in older man. The prostate gets bigger until the point that urinating becomes very hard. As the prostate enlarges, it blocks the urethra thereby obstructs urination. This is so painful and in severe cases, urination is not even possible. This disorder can be treated by taking medications or by undergoing surgery wherein a part of the prostate is removed. The surgery is called the transurethral resection of the prostate or TURP. In performing TURP, a tool is inserted in the urethra. The tool removes the tissue in the prostate that restricts the urine from flowing.
3. Prostate Cancer V is the major reason for the death of men in developed countries. This disorder usually affects older me. A regular rectal exam is done to men to detect and prevent prostate cancer. Research shows that regular masturbation that is five times a week or more can reduce the risk of acquiring prostate cancer. Regular ejaculation can prevent the carcinogenic deposits from the sperm to build up and eventually damage the prostates cell lining. Once cancer cells are developed, the only way to treat it is to undergo surgery or radiation therapy.
To reduce the risk of having prostate disorders, a man should live healthy and have a balance diet5. For older man, do not forget to have a regular session with the doctor to monitor the condition of the prostate glands and also the condition of the whole body.

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