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Professional Code for Social Sports Instructors?

The National Professional Code for Social Sports Instructors is composed of occupation name, occupation definition, occupation level, occupation environment, occupation ability characteristics, education level requirements, training requirements, appraisal requirements, basic requirements, work requirements, proportion table and other parts.

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1. The basis for formulating the professional standard of “Social Sports Instructors”. The “Occupational Classification Code of the People’s Republic of China” divides our country’s occupations into 8 major categories, 66 medium categories, 413 sub-categories, and 1838 sub-categories (occupations).

The occupational code of “Social Sports Instructors” is: 4-04-03-01, which belongs to the fourth major category, the fourth medium category, and the third sub-category. The establishment of “Grand Canon” has laid the foundation for the development of occupational standardization work in our country, and provided a theoretical basis for the formulation of occupational standards in various industries in our country.

2. Definition of “Social Sports Instructor”.

“Technical Regulations for the Establishment of National Occupational Standards” (promulgated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security) requires that the definition of occupation should be determined in accordance with the provisions of the “Occupational Classification Grand Canon of the People’s Republic of China”. Accordingly, the occupation of “Social Sports Instructor” is defined as, Social Sports Instructor refers to those who are engaged in sports skills teaching, fitness guidance and organizational management in mass sports activities.

The work engaged in mainly includes: guiding social sports practitioners to learn and master the knowledge, skills and methods of physical fitness; organizing people to engage in fitness, entertainment, rehabilitation and other activities; assisting in physical fitness measurement, monitoring, evaluation and other activities; undertaking management, management and service work.

3. The grading of social sports instructors. The national professional standard grades of social sports instructors are divided into four levels: social sports instructors, senior social sports instructors, intermediate social sports instructors, and primary social sports instructors (the fourth level is primary, intermediate, senior, and instructors are progressive in turn, and instructors are the highest level).

The main functions of each level are: Beginner: Able to use basic skills to guide the practice object to learn basic technical movements and improve basic sports quality. Intermediate: Able to guide the practitioner to improve the technical level of special projects and carry out fitness activities according to the situation of different age and gender practice objects.

Advanced: Able to skillfully use various skills to complete technical guidance work; Able to provide fitness services for people engaged in different occupations, disabled people, and those who need to control weight; Able to organize and carry out sports activities; Have certain organizational training and management skills.

Instructor: Able to independently solve various problems encountered in the process of technical guidance; Able to be competent in rehabilitation exercise guidance work; Organize and carry out professional technical training; Have certain business, management and scientific research capabilities.

4. The determination of the occupational function and work content of the social sports instructor. The occupational function refers to the national standard of activities to be achieved by a profession, or the main aspects (activity items) of a vocational activity. According to the different main nature and characteristics, the occupational function can be divided according to the field, project or work procedure of the work.

The division of the occupational function of the social sports instructor is divided according to the field of work. Its occupational function is divided into several aspects such as reception consultation, preparation work, technical guidance, fitness guidance, training and operation and management.

Work content. According to the requirements of the “National Vocational Standard Development Technical Regulations”, the work content of the occupation can be divided according to the type or according to the procedure. The determination of work content is divided according to the scope of work and work tasks of each grade of social sports instructors.

The formulation is put forward in the form of one thing, and each item generally includes 2 or more work contents. The work content of social sports instructors is detailed in the work requirements of each grade in the “Standard”.

Extended information:

The “Standard” is under the direct guidance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China, under the leadership of the General Administration of Sport of China Group Department, organized and compiled by Beijing Sports University. The development of the “Standard” started on August 1, 1999, and was completed on November 15, 1999. After the first draft was completed, experts were consulted by means of conference review and letter review, and the first draft was revised according to the experts’ opinions. The draft was completed for review on January 28, 2000.

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