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What kind of cosmetics does

pm milk is a facial moisturizing and repairing lotion. The main effect of this lotion is to repair the skin barrier and strengthen the skin’s moisturizing effect. For sensitive skin and damaged skin, using this pm milk can accelerate the repair of the skin barrier.

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The milk contains ceramides. Ceramides play a leading role in the repair of the skin barrier. If the stratum corneum of the skin is thin and the skin barrier is damaged, using pm milk can thicken the stratum corneum of the skin and restore the healthy state of the skin.

How to use pmpm rose essential oil and white truffle essential oil?

The following is the process of using pmpm rose essential oil:

1. Cleansing the face: Wash your face with warm water first, then wash your face with cleansing products to thoroughly clean your face.

2. Use toner: Dip a cotton pad in an appropriate amount of toner and gently wipe your face to achieve the effect of shrinking pores, hydrating and moisturizing.

3. Use essential oil: Take an appropriate amount of pmpm rose essential oil, apply it to the face, and gently massage until absorbed.

4. Use cream: After the essential oil is absorbed, you can use the cream again to achieve a better moisturizing effect.

5. Use sunscreen: If it is used during the day, it is recommended to use sunscreen products to protect the skin from UV damage.


1. It is recommended to use pmpm rose essential oil at night, because it is easier for the skin to absorb nutrients at night.

2. When using for the first time, you can try it on the back of your hand first to ensure that there is no allergic reaction.

3. Avoid contact with the eye area when using.

Shake well before each use, drop almost 2 or 3 pumps, then rub hot and press on the face, let the skin fully absorb ✅ product efficacy simple overview: this essential oil is compatible with oil-soluble ingredients and water-soluble ingredients, white truffle precise positioning extract ➕ yeast lysol extract constitutes an aqueous layer, VC ➕ VE ➕ red myrrh alcohol constitutes an oil layer, all around the internal and external sources of anti-aging, anti-sugar and anti-oxygen ➕ repair and soothing ingredients are arranged, the face is not tender

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