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Pierce Brosnan’s height and weight?

Height 186CM.

kathy ireland weight management

Pierce Brosnan was born in Ireland on May 16, 1953. He is a film actor and producer. He holds dual Irish and American citizenship. On May 21, 1980, he starred in his film debut “MurphysStroke”. In 1982, he starred in the detective drama “The Legend of Steele Season 1”, which entered the American film and television industry. On March 7, 1986, the starring horror movie “Nomad” was released. On April 16, 1989, he starred in the fantasy adventure movie “Around the World in Eighty Days” was released. On March 6, 1992, the starring sci-fi horror movie “Genius Weeders” was released. On November 24, 1995, the starring action film “007’s Golden Eye” was released, and the film’s final worldwide box office reached $3. 500 million. On December 12, 1997, the starring action film “007’s Tomorrow Empire” was released, and it won the 24th Saturn Awards for Best Actor. On November 8, 1999, the starring action film “007’s Black Day Crisis” was released, and the film’s final global box office reached $3. 600 million. On November 18, 2002, the starring action film “007’s Day to Die” was released, and the film’s final worldwide box office reached $4. 2.50 billion.

Stephen Amel Weight?

Stephen Amell (born May 8, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian actor. In 2005, Amel starred in the first season of the TV series “Danding Bay”. In 2007, his cameo in “Resident Evil” won him Canada’s Gemini Award.

In December 2010, Amel guest starred in the TV series “The Vampire Diaries”.

In 2012, Stephen Amell played the male lead role of Green Arrow Oliver Queen in the American drama “Green Arrow”.

In 2013, Stephen Amel reprised his role as the male lead in the second season of the American drama “Arrow” and guest starred as Oliver Queen in the “Flash” spinoff of “Arrow”.

In 2015, Stephen Amel confirmed to join Paramount Pictures’ “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2”, and Amel will play the masked man Casey Jones, a fan favorite character. Height 185cm

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