Weight management

Physical testing methods?

Mainly include height, weight, body fat rate, etc.

describe 3 methods of weight management quizlet

Physical function tests require heart rate and blood pressure at rest and after a certain amount of exercise, as well as lung capacity tests.

Physical fitness tests include responsiveness tests, balance strength tests, flexibility tests, intelligence tests, etc.

Athletic ability requires testing the time of sprinting and long-distance running, as well as the distance of throwing shot put and solid balls.

Scale verification procedures?

The verification procedure of the scale refers to a set of specifications and procedures for inspecting and testing the scale according to relevant standards and requirements. It mainly includes the preparation work before the verification, the verification method and steps, the judgment of the verification results, and the records and reports after the verification.

What item’s evaluation score is related to weight?

Height and weight are required items, accounting for about 15% of the total score, and are measured by body mass index (BMI). BMI = weight (kg)/square of height. 100 points for girls at 17.2 to 23.9, and full marks for boys at 17.9 to 23.9.

2. Lung capacity, accounting for 15% of the total score. Girls passed with 2000 ml, with a perfect score of 3400. Boys passed with 3100, with a perfect score of 5040. This pass is very easy, but it seems to be of high standard for boys.

3. Sit and bend forward, accounting for 10%. The tester sits on the mat with his legs straight and his hands forward to push the buoy. Everyone can get the best result twice in the test, but it should be noted that the legs cannot be bent during the test. Girls passed with 6 cm, with a perfect score of 25, and boys passed with 3. 7, with a perfect score of 24. 9. It seems that passing is all right, but for students with poor body softness and coordination, full marks seem to be not easy.

4. Standing long jump, accounting for 10% of the total score. Girls pass 151 cm, 207 full marks. Boys, 208 pass, 273 full marks. It is also the best result for each person to jump twice. Be careful not to step on the line when jumping, the movements are standardized, and the force can be accurate to jump farther.

5. 50 meters run, accounting for 20% of the total score. Boys pass 50 meters in 9 seconds, 6 seconds 7 full marks, girls pass 10 seconds 3, 7 seconds 5 full marks. Because this is a test of explosive power, the test results are accurate to the decimal point.

6. Boys run 1,000 meters, girls run 800 meters, accounting for 20% of the total score. Girls passed the 800-meter four-four-four-four, with a full score of one-third and one-eighteen, and boys passed the 1,000-meter four-four-three-two, with a full score of one-third and one-seven. This test is a long-distance run, which belongs to endurance. Be careful not to stop or sit down immediately after running. You should walk around slowly, and your body will gradually recover.

7. Boys pull-ups, girls sit-ups in one minute, accounting for 10% of the total score. Girls sit-ups in one minute 26 passes, 56 full marks. Boys pull-ups 10 passes, 19 full marks. Girls with better waists can relax a few, but boys’ pull-ups seem to be more difficult, requiring arm strength and the cooperation of the whole body.

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