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Physical fitness test items and scores?

Physical fitness test items include height, weight, lung capacity, 50-meter run, sitting forward bend, skipping rope, sit-ups (female), pull-ups (male), 1000-meter run (male), 800-meter run (female) and other items. The score of each item is different, and the specific score can vary according to the standards of different regions or schools. Generally speaking, the score of each item is between 10 points and 100 points, and the total score is generally 100 points or 1000 points. The purpose of the physical fitness test is to evaluate the physical fitness and health of students, promote students to actively participate in physical exercise, and improve their physical fitness and health. Test results can be used as an important part of students’ comprehensive quality evaluation, and can also provide reference for students to choose sports that suit them. It should be noted that the standards and scores of physical fitness tests may vary depending on factors such as region, school, grade, etc. For details, you can consult the local education department or school physical education teacher.

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How to fill in the weight health test score?

The number obtained by dividing the number of weight (kilograms) by the square of the number of height (meters)

Test weight calculation formula?

The standard formula of physical height and weight is standard weight (kg) = height (cm) -105, standard weight = [height (cm) -100] × 0. 9. Children’s standard height = age × 5 75, children’s standard weight = age × 2 8 (kg).

Children’s height and weight standards can be multiplied by 5 75 cm according to the age of the child, which is equal to the standard height of the child. The weight of the child is equal to the age multiplied by 2 8 kg.

There are many standard calculation methods for the height and weight of adults. The simplest calculation method is that the height loss of 105 is the standard weight. If the weight exceeds 10%, it is overweight. If it exceeds 20%, it is called obese. Less than 10% is thin, and less than 20% is thin.

It is recommended to pay attention to nutritional supplementation. Usually eat reasonably, do not overeat, increase the amount of exercise in moderation, and control the weight within the normal range.

cofoe scale instructions?

When weighing, please place the scale on a hard and flat ground. In order to ensure accuracy when using the electronic scale, it is best to test whether the battery is sufficient before use.

In order to avoid affecting the accuracy of weighing, please do not place the scale on the carpet or soft ground, and stand evenly on the scale surface to maintain body balance. Be sure to balance your feet to ensure the accuracy of the value.

The most troublesome thing about a mechanical health scale is that the pointer will be biased and needs to be adjusted frequently to ensure that the pointer is accurate. It is best to pay attention to the adjustment before use. You may wish to swing a few times before use. After standing on the scale surface is stable, the LCD display will display the weight measurement value, and the current weight value will appear after the screen value is stable.

When the subject can walk off the scale surface, the LCD display will return to zero later, and the next weight test can be carried out.

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