Weight management

Performance appraisal, what does the score weight mean, and how to raise the score without causing controversy among employees?

The weight setting of performance appraisal indicators often refers to the following principles: 1. Guided by the company’s overall goals, the stronger the correlation with the company’s goal support, the greater the weight should be. 2. For the key shortcomings that affect the achievement of the overall goal, the higher the weight should be. 3. The weight of each indicator is generally between 5% and 30%.

If the weight of a certain indicator is too high, it may make employees only pay attention to this one indicator and ignore others. If the weight is too low, it cannot be paid attention to, and employees are likely to give up this small score. 4. The more senior the position, the greater the weight of the economic indicators and outcome indicators. The above is from the perspective of general operation, then from the perspective of weight setting, the following methods are commonly used: 1. The ranking method is to list all the performance appraisal indicators of a position, and then sort these indicators according to their importance by comparing them in pairs. The higher the index weight, the smaller the weight. This method can only determine the relative weight of each indicator, which is not of great significance for setting the absolute weight of the indicator. After the relative weight is determined, it is still necessary to determine the absolute weight according to other methods. In addition, when sorting the indicators, it is also necessary to have the superiors of the position, the incumbent and HR all participate together. 2. Delphi method selects some experts from inside and outside the company to set the weights of each indicator respectively, and then the HR summarizes the average, and then feeds back the results of the summary average to these experts. Let them adjust the weights of each indicator they set according to the results of the first feedback, and then summarize it for HR. After the second summary, the weights of each indicator are basically determined (generally taken as integers) (experts can include: the position of the post 3. The weight factor method evaluates this indicator according to several dimensions: strategic relevance, urgency, degree of harm if it cannot be completed, etc. Then let the experts score these dimensions separately, and finally calculate the weighted average 4. The experience method relies on personnel who are familiar with the past business development process of the enterprise, and proposes weight setting suggestions by referring to the situation of the benchmarking enterprise, the understanding of the development of the enterprise for many years, and the personal experience judgment. It is important to note that performance indicators are not static, and so are their weight settings. No matter what method is used, they should be able to reflect the importance and impact on the achievement of the company’s goals through the weight of performance indicators. The weight setting should tilt the weight of those indicators that are decisive and crucial to the achievement of the company’s goals to strengthen the guiding role of performance indicators.

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