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Pelinka’s height and weight?

Rocky Pelinka

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Chinese name: Rocky Pelinka

Traditional name: Bizuka

English name: SaschaBrinker

Nationality: Germany

Playing team: SCVILLE

Weight: 63

Height: 172

Birthday: 1982-08-23

Rocky Pelinka (English name: SaschaBrinker) is a German player born in 1982-08-23, currently 172CM tall, weighing 63 kg, used to play for SCVILLE team;

Jiangsu Kendia The list of men’s basketball coaches?

Jiangsu Longkendia Club 2016/2017 Season List

Name Number Position Birthday Weight Height

Brooks 2 Guard 1989-06-2610 1KG200CM

Li Yuanyu 25 Center 1991-06-1411 5KG206CM

Yi Li 8 Forward 1985-11-0785 KG203CM

Chen Lei 22 Forward 1983-01-1493 KG195CM

Liu Wei 15 Center 1985-08-0112 5KG205CM

Chang Yasong 5 Guard 1990-02-1875 KG185CM

Hu Xuefeng 55 Guard 1980-01-1485 KG185CM

Cao Fei 23 Forward 1991-05-0490 KG193CM

Hou Yifan 31 Forward 1991-05-0890 KG200CM

Chang Lin 11 Forward 1988-11-2811 0KG206CM

Will McDonald 26 Forward 1979-10-0510 5KG212CM

Samuels 24 Forward 1989-01-0911 8KG206CM

Liu Yahui 9 Forward 1988-01-0995 KG206CM

Zhang Youwei 33 Forward 1995-0296KG200CM

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