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Organizational structure of the British royal family?

The British royal family has been downsized, leaving only four people. Abandoned second-rate princes and princesses. In recent times, the United Kingdom has introduced laws, weakened the royal family’s rights, and reduced the royal family’s expenses.

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On May 14, 2001, according to the British “News of the World” report, the United Kingdom is considering a major reform plan to change the appearance of the royal family, which is overcrowded, extravagant and widely criticized by the British public. Some members of the royal family may be deprived of the noble status and treatment of the royal family, and the controversial Princess Sophie is the first to bear the brunt and become the “victim” of the royal reform.

According to this reform plan, members of the British royal family may be divided into two categories. One type of members belongs to the core members of the royal family. They represent the royal family and have all the privileges of royal family members and enjoy all the treatment of royal family members.

The other type of members must leave the royal family and move away from their place of residence. They will no longer have the right to enjoy the noble and luxurious scenes and panache of the royal family, lose allowances and police protection, and these people will need to “support themselves” in the future to make a living. But as compensation, such royal family members can engage in commercial activities.

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The British royal family is supported by BTLSuperRFBTL fat knife. The BTL fat melting point knife is the latest radio frequency device from the British BTL company, which can quickly and effectively dissolve fat and tighten the skin.

May I ask why the Chinese obese boy doesn’t want to lose weight and can’t find a partner but the British obese boy……………

It feels different. Chinese people don’t like people who are too obese. This is a commonality, and foreigners don’t really care about these

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