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Order of use of men’s cosmetics?

Steps to use men’s skin care products:

mens skin care skincare routine

1. Facial cleanser cleansing. Cleanse your face with appropriate products, and use cleansing products with strong cleaning power in the morning and evening to thoroughly wash away excess dirt and oil;

2. Moisturizing lotion toning your skin. After cleansing, pat on toner to converge sebum secretion, shrink pores, and balance skin pH;

3. Moisturizing milk nourishes. Toning converges pores, but the skin may still be relatively dry, and professional men’s face milk is needed to nourish it. Be sure to use facial lotion after washing your face, otherwise it will aggravate the oily condition of the skin.

Fourth, use the mask for special care. Men can choose some products that can show a matte complexion after use, and insist on using the mask once a week.

Steps to use men’s skin care products?

Correct steps for men’s skin care Only by using skin care products correctly can you have good skin. Different skin care product brands have different skin care steps, which make many men who are just starting to take care of their skin puzzled. Today, let me analyze with you the correct steps for men’s skin care. Step 1: Makeup Remover – Don’t think that removing makeup is something that only women do. Many men have a good habit of wearing sunscreen, and most waterproof sunscreens require makeup removal. Most makeup remover products are directly applied to dry skin, then let the makeup remover dissolve the sunscreen or base makeup on the face, and then rinse off with warm water. Step 2: Cleansing – Cleansing is a must-do whether you remove makeup or not. Choosing a gentle and cleansing product is the key to keeping your skin healthy and clean. Wet the face with water first, then take an appropriate amount of cleansing products and apply it to the face, then gently massage the pulp of the ring finger and middle finger from bottom to top, from inside to out in circles for 30 seconds to one minute, and finally wash off with water. Step 3: Toning – Don’t underestimate the toner, it can not only replenish the moisture of the skin, but also adjust the pH value of the skin, promote the absorption of subsequent skin care products, and wipe it with a cotton pad to remove the waste exfoliation of the skin. Take an appropriate amount of toner to soak the cotton pad about the size of a dollar coin, and then use the cotton pad to gently wipe it from the inside out along the part of the skin with strong oil secretion. After wiping, turn the cotton pad over and gently pat the skin from the part where the skin is prone to dryness to make up the skin with moisture. Step 4: Essence – Essence is the most expensive and most effective type of product among all skin care products. To achieve a certain effect, using essence will be one of the fastest and most effective options. In order to ensure the absorption and penetration of essence, it is usually used after toner and before lotion. After all, moisturizing lotion contains many closed moisturizing ingredients, which will affect the absorption of essence. Take an appropriate amount of essence and apply it evenly to the face, gently massage and pat with the ring finger and the pulp of the middle finger to promote the penetration and absorption of essence. The residual essence can be applied to the neck to care for the neck skin while caring for the face. Step 5: Lotion/Cream – Lotions and creams mainly play a role in moisturizing, so for boys with large oily skin, this is not a necessary skin care step. If you feel that your face is already very oily, you definitely don’t need lotion or cream to moisturize it. Pour an appropriate amount of lotion into the palm of your hand first, and start applying it from the cheeks or around your eyes that are prone to dryness. Gently spread it along the muscle direction. You can apply more to dry skin, and less to the “t” area. If you apply too much or oily skin, you can gently press it with a facial tissue to absorb excess oil. Step 6: Sunscreen/Isolation (use during the day) – Applying sunscreen every day is a very good skin care habit. It can not only keep the skin fair, but also resist photoaging and prevent skin wrinkles. Take a 1 yuan coin-sized product in the palm of your hand and point it on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin of your face. Start with wider areas such as the cheeks and forehead, from the center of the face to the outside, slowly and carefully absorb it into each part of the face, then take the same amount and apply again.

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