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olly skin care products are suitable for what age?

1. Young people aged 20 to 25

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Young people aged 20 to 25 are in a relatively stable stage of skin condition, when the skin is delicate, smooth and healthier. However, for this age group, skin moisturizing and sun protection are very necessary. OLAY’s hydrating and moisturizing series and refreshing sun protection series are good choices.

2. Adults aged 25 to 35

Adults aged 25 to 35 gradually have some minor skin problems, such as fine lines, dryness, etc. At this time, you can use OLAY’s anti-wrinkle firming series, vitamin C firming series, purple gold water light freckle removal series and other products to strengthen skin repair and firming, making the skin smoother and firmer.

3. Middle-aged people over 35 years old

Middle-aged people over 35 years old begin to experience obvious aging phenomenon. At this time, the use of OLAY’s elastic firming series, cell regeneration series and other products can specifically improve skin gloss and slow down skin aging.

4. OLAY’s mask series

is different from regular skin care products. The mask is directly attached to the face and can deeply nourish the skin, so frequent use of the mask is an important step in skin care. OLAY’s mask series includes hydrating and moisturizing, whitening and light spots, firming pores, repairing, etc. You can choose according to your own needs.

5. OLAY’s makeup remover series

Makeup remover plays a very important role in skin care. If makeup is not fully removed, the skin may be damaged. OLAY’s makeup remover, makeup remover, makeup remover and other products can help completely remove makeup without harming the skin.

What kind of skin care products can reach the dermis layer?

At present, many skin care products on the market advertise that they can directly enter the basal layer and penetrate the dermis layer.

Let’s take a look at whether skin care products can really enter the basal layer and the dermis layer?

Can skin care products enter the basal layer and the dermis layer?

“The answer is impossible” The merchants tell you that their products are small molecules of 10 nanometers and 50 nanometers. In fact, most conventional skin care products are 1000-2000 nanometers. Skin care products can only work if they enter the basal layer dermis layer. The small editor is here to expose their lies with a scientific attitude. The state prohibits any skin care product merchants from promoting entering the basal layer dermis layer, because it is impossible for skin care products to enter the basal layer and the dermis layer.

Can skin care products enter the dermis layer?

Impossible, the skin is exclusive and will not let outsiders enter its territory. Skin care products must be exclusive when entering the dermis layer of the skin. Secondly, there are still more or less microorganisms in skin care products. Strict factory production will control the total number of bacterial colonies below 10 countries and limit them to less than or equal to 1,000 for the face. If skin care products can enter the dermis layer after being applied, the skin may be seriously affected and suddenly sensitive to exclusion.

In fact, many cosmetic raw materials have large molecules and small molecules, such as large molecule hyaluronic acid, small molecule hyaluronic acid, small molecule peptides and so on. The real situation is that the macromolecules stay above the stratum corneum to lock in moisture, and the small molecules enter the stratum corneum. This can enhance skin hydration. Macromolecules reduce the rate of water loss through the skin, and small molecules replenish the water content of the stratum corneum in the stratum corneum. Small molecules can’t even enter the basal layer, let alone the dermis.

The merchant said that his skin care products can enter the dermis layer! This is just a verbal publicity stunt by the merchant without skin knowledge.

If he insists that it can enter the dermis layer, then you ask him to show the experimental data report of the relevant national authority to prove that this product can enter the dermis layer, and you can see if they can take it out.

Experimental proof! The skin is hydrophobic, that is, the skin does not absorb water-soluble raw materials, and it is impossible for cosmetics to enter 99% of the dermis.

Why the state prohibits such propaganda

The state prohibits the use of such words entirely from a scientific point of view. The natural characteristic of the skin is external hydrophobicity and internal hydrophilicity. In layman’s terms, the skin’s own characteristics are to resist external moisture from entering the skin, and at the same time prevent internal moisture from evaporating a lot.

For a simple example, if the skin cannot prevent moisture from entering the skin, then you may become edema and become a big fat after soaking in a hot spring. But it turns out that no matter how long you go to the bath, it will not make you gain weight. This is due to the hydrophobic nature of our skin.

What happens when skin care products really enter the dermis layer of the skin?

You can think about normal skin. No matter how much you use skin care products to take a bath, the skin will be fine, but if you accidentally cut the skin, you apply some cosmetics or touch water at this time, and the skin will soon become inflamed and purulent. This is a typical skin barrier that is destroyed, and external microorganisms can really enter the skin, and skin immunity will take effect. White blood cells have run out to destroy bacteria, so you can see inflammation and purulent conditions behind.

At present, many external methods of whitening and freckle removal still achieve cosmetic effects at the expense of corroding the epidermis! A large area of damage to the skin protective barrier affects the skin’s immune function! Metabolic function, causing massive loss of skin moisture, pigment retention, pigmentation, infection, acne, inflammation, dry wrinkles, redness and swelling, sensitivity, etc.

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