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Old wall renovation and renovation?

The old wall renovation is done by yourself. First, soak the wall with water, which is more labor-saving when removing the wall. The wall must be shoveled until the cement mortar surface is exposed. Then apply the interface agent, which must be all brushed and uniform. The cracks in the wall are usually pasted with kraft paper tape and white latex, but there is no guarantee that it will not crack again. 2. If the wall is uneven, then you need to use plaster to level it, and the error should not exceed 0.5 cm. Non-load-bearing walls generally need to be pasted, so it is best to choose wall coverings and white latex with good texture. If conditions permit, you can use mesh cloth, which will have a better anti-crack effect. 3. When choosing putty, you should choose one with high particle fineness and hard texture, or add white latex to the putty to improve the hardness of the putty. Use fine sandpaper to polish the wall. If the sandpaper is too thick, it will leave deep sand marks on the wall, and even if it is painted, it cannot be covered. After the wall is polished, it should be cleaned again, otherwise too much dust will affect the adhesion of the paint. 4. When painting the primer on the wall, be sure to brush every place evenly. Use a roller with a good texture to brush the primer, so as not to affect the effect of painting the bottom paint. After the putty is polished, the wall will leave some unsightly potholes, especially after painting, so it needs to be repaired. When looking for a supplement, be sure to polish it flat. In order to avoid color difference pits, add a little more water to the primer before brushing. 5. It is best to choose a better tool to use. For example, the hair of the roller should not be too short, but the hair should be fine, so that the paint film painted out is more delicate. Generally, the corners are treated with a stylus or a board brush, but this will easily cause inconsistencies in the texture of the corners and the whole surface, so try to use an edge roller to deal with the corners. 6. Generally, latex paint can dry in four hours after painting, but the hardness of the paint film is not enough, so do not scrub with a cloth or have any contact with the wall within seven to ten days.

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