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ncaa records?

1. Player points per game: 100 points, Frank Selvey

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On February 13, 1954, in Furman University’s game against Newberry College, Frank Selvey of Furman University made a total of 41 shots and 18 free throws. After setting this historical record, Selvey was selected as the No. 1 overall pick by the Washington Bullets in the 1954 draft.

2. Player rebounds per game: 35, Larry Apony

Since the NCAA reset the rebounding statistics in 1973, all previous rebounding records were revoked. On February 17, 2000, the University of California, Fresno played against Southern Methodist University. Fresno’s Apony grabbed 35 rebounds. After graduating from college, Apony failed to make the NBA and is currently playing in Australia. The previous record for rebounds before 1973 was 51, set by Bill Chambers in 1953.

3. Players’ single-game assists: 22, Sherman Douglas, Avery Johnson, Tony Farrell

On February 9, 1987, Farrell first set this assist record in a game for Charleston Southern University, but at that time they were only facing a second-tier league team. On January 25, 1988, former NBA star “Little General” Avery Johnson tied the record in a game for Southern University. On January 28, 1989, Sherman Douglas of Syracuse University tied the record again.

4. Players single game steals: 13 times, Mocky Blalock

On December 12, 1987, in the game of the University of Oklahoma against Louisiana Centennial College, and on December 17, 1988 against Loyola Marymount University, the University of Oklahoma’s Blalock set this all-time record twice. When Blalock retired from NBA in 2002, he ranked among the top 10 steals in his career.

5. Players block 16 times in a single game, Mikel Gladness

On February 24, 2007, in the game between Alabama A

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