Weight management

nba2k14pg career mode, what is the most perfect weight and height, and what type is recommended to play?

Perfection is difficult to define, the key is to see how you like it.

lvpg weight management

pg can be up to 6 feet 7 inches. If you are shorter, you can dribble steadily and break through fiercely, but it is inconvenient to pass the ball. If you are taller, you can pass the ball with a wide field of vision. The shot is not easy to be covered, but it is easy to be stolen. Therefore, if you are not tall, you are not short. 6 feet 4 inches is suitable.

If you are heavier, you can run over your opponent. Strong shots are no problem but inflexible. If you are lighter, you have obvious speed advantages and agility, but you will suffer a little in

According to your preferences, I think it is better to choose the athlete type when choosing the player type, and the buckle is convenient.

In addition, 2k14 itself weakens the shooting success. If you can break through, you will not shoot. Therefore, it is recommended to play the ball to make a foul or back singles or cut-in type.

Of course, these are all personal experiences. It is better for you to choose the game itself.

Is pg5 suitable for center?

Not suitable for

The pg5 is suitable for the crowd: small weight defenders. Breakthrough party optional.

Applicable location: small forward, shooting guard, point guard optional.

PG5 is not a perfect pair of shoes. Although it is cheap to say that it is a disadvantage, I would also like to state that the advantages of PG5 are not very prominent, nor are they exciting technology, but overall I don’t think there is a major lack. To be honest, the design is a bit too team-like, and it feels a bit cheap. Although his price is indeed very cheap, it is missing a lot of the characteristics of star shoes.

How much should a 190 basketball player weigh?

C Center: The higher the height is 210-218, the better, and the weight is 110-140.

PF Power Forward: Height 195–210, Weight 100–130.

SF Small Forward: Height 190–205, Weight 95–120.

SG Shooting Guard: Height 185–200, Weight 90–110.

PG Point Guard: Height 175–195, Weight 80–95

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