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Why Choose MD Strength Natural Skin Care Products
Our skin care products outsell many national brands simply because they are effective, natural and not filled with just water. You can contact us with any questions at
After years of research we found that the average skin care product used over 15 ingredients that were harmful to the skin and 1/2  that were believed to be cancer causing.
For example TEA (triethanolamine) states on the bottle that it has been proven to cause cancer in lab mice and that it causes gastrointestinal upset! Yet over 90% of the serums on the market use this harmful thickener including some on the market that claim to be natural and even some that claim to be organic! That is viscous to a consumer that is concerned with being healthier and more natural. We use natural gums and amino acids to thicken that are typically used only on very high end skin care and spa products ($100 + products). 
We also do not use mineral oil as an emollient as it has a reaction with the skin as an irritant and it is our belief that irritation of the skin from any source actually causes the appearance of premature aging and does not either help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or lines, much less prevent them
Most companies use water as the #1 ingredient! We believe that this is a waste when Pure Aloe by iteslf can heal skin and regenerate new and healthier skin cells as well as to detoxify the skin cell, and a host of other amazing benefit. We removed all water filler and added aloe juice as our #1 ingredient! This has made a hugely beneficial impact on the results of our face creams, treatments, serums and even our specialty products that deal with aging, scars and stretch mark scars.
Many customers ask if we use parabens in our skin products and the answer is a resounding NO! We use phenoxyethanol and neem oil to preserve along with a combination of other vitamnins and extracts and in some products we use germall. So for those concerned about cancer from the parabens - We do not manufacture with those!
All of our wrinkle creams and skin care creams as well as serums are packaged in airless pumps, this keeps their efficacy higher and prevents the touch of human hands to the cream or serum which can cause the product to degrade much faster. This has been very helpful in keeping products fresher and allowed us to add much higher levels of vitamins and minerals to our creams for even better results.
Compare us to the spa brand names such as Dermalogica, Cellex C and otherwrinkle creams and skin serums and you fwill ind that we are more natural, very high in efficacy and not near the cost! Our goal was to create the best natural skin care line in the world at half the cost of other brand name lines that are not natural or aloe based and we have done just that. Help support us in creating quality products!
Outside Health has been selling beauty related products for over 15 years and offers natural based skin care products that do not use mineral oil, propylene glycol, mineral oil, tea, dea and other harmful skin care ingredients often used in creams and hair care shampoos and conditioners. All products have a complete 60 day money back guarantee. This is a no questions asked money back guarantee!
We are located in Durham Connecticut with shipping locations in Connecticut, Georgia, Texas and California. This allows for quick ship times and lower shipping costs to our customers.

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