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My skin is dry, what product is good for anti-aging skin care?

Hello, in response to your question, the suggestions are as follows: Generally, people with dry skin are prone to losing moisture in the epidermis, and they are also prone to deeper lines and small wrinkles. Because the skin is dry and dull, it is easy to make pigmentation and cause spots! To improve dry skin, you must first start with body maintenance! In addition to replenishing the body’s moisture and drinking plenty of water, normal sleep is very important! During the day, the skin excretes and excretes old and dead cells from the body, and at night is an important time for the skin to replenish nutrients and repair. Improper diet can also cause stress. Don’t buy burgers or chocolates to satisfy your hunger! Proper exercise can also help the skin. Aerobic exercise can make the body produce endorphins, making the whole day happy and more stress-resistant! Be careful when choosing skin care products and color makeup! For dry skin, you should choose beauty liquids and creams that contain high moisturizing properties! High moisturizing beauty liquids are concentrated products that contain moisturizing ingredients, including collagen and elastin. They have the characteristics of high permeability and long-term moisturizing. High moisturizing creams are relatively non-greasy and will not approve of the burden on the skin! Korean skin care products Laneige Butterfly Makeup Amore Aili H20 are very good. I personally recommend H20. The moisturizing effect is particularly good. I hope my answer can help you!

best korean skin care routine for dry skin

Is the Gongchen Enjoy series of WHOO after Korea suitable for people aged 25? I have dry skin~?

There are the following series after Whoo:

1. Still young (top series) Exclusive to ladies over 30 years old, top skin care, more than 60 kinds of precious traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, it can be achieved what you want!

2. Tianshidan (new) will be introduced later 3. Weather Dan people love it, and they will look back after using it. Applicable to people over 25 years old, hydrating and moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, firming, brightening skin tone, improving uneven skin tone, fading fine lines, and restoring elasticity. 4. Jinshanxiang supplements women’s dark, dry, rough and bloodless skin caused by age. Contains red ginseng ingredients, thicker texture, good anti-wrinkle effect, dry/mixed skin aged 30 or above that needs to be hydrated and anti-wrinkle will especially love it! 5. Gongchen Enjoy basic skin care series, which focuses on balancing skin water and oil. It is very easy to use on dry cheeks like T-zone oil, or oily skin and dry skin. The skin produces oil because the deep moisture is not enough. This one is hydrating and balanced. It is recommended for people aged 20 to 30! 6. Secret sticker This series has circulating introduction essence (used after facial cleanser), and representative essence after Whoo (secret sticker self-generated essence). There are advertisements for it at the entry inspection of Korean airports. Li Yingai uses 6 bottles a year to create firming skin, clearing fire, removing acne, anti-wrinkle, and shrinking pores. There is also a self-moisturizing cream with soft paste-like texture, good absorption, and strong moisturizing power. It is not to be missed in winter! 7. Shuiyan is the most popular in summer and young women! The watery, light taste, and pink packaging are fresh and pleasant. I want to get it at a glance! Hydrating and moisturizing, suitable for any skin, especially recommended for oily skin!!! 8. Snow Whitening contains seven spices and eight white powder ingredients, gentle whitening, not dry, and the texture is as dense and delicate as snowflakes. Softening water is like milk, lotion is like ice cream, and moisture cream. The cream is simply as light and silky and delicate as cream. If snowflakes penetrate into the earth, deep whitening and light spots are non-irritating. This series also has a 20ml whitening and light spot cream that exists like a “light spot eraser”. It works well for pregnancy spots, sunspots, etc.! Type it out word by word, lui killed me! Don’t ask me why I know, because I am professional. I have been doing it for 4 years. From the age of 18 to the age of 60, you can find post-Whoo products that suit you. If you have any questions, just ask me. Don’t bother my peers, they are very hard! Sis sister Tao

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