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Morphological characteristics of Albertosaurus?

Albertosaurus is smaller than some tyrannosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurs and Tyrannosaurs. Adult Albertosaurs are about 9 meters long. Several studies using different methods have estimated that adult Albertosaurs weighed between 2 and 3 tons.

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All Tyrannosaurs have a similar appearance, including Albertosaurus. Albertosaurus is a biped animal with a long tail that balances the weight of its head and body. Compared to its large size, Tyrannosaurs have extremely small forelimbs and only two fingers. The hind limbs are extremely long and have four toes. The hind toe is short, only touching the ground with the other three toes, while the middle toe is longer than the others. Albertosaurus may be able to walk at speeds of 14 to 21 kilometers per hour. As for juvenile Albertosaurus individuals, they may be able to move at a faster speed.

The skull of Albertosaurus is large, with a short S-shaped neck, and the head of the largest adult individual is nearly 1 meter long. Large holes in the skull reduce the weight of the head and provide muscle attachment, as well as housing sensory organs. The long mouth accommodates more than 58 banana-shaped teeth; larger tyrannosaurs have fewer teeth, such as Gorgon, which has at least 62 teeth. Unlike other theropods, Tyrannosauridae are heterodonts, in which teeth in different positions have different shapes. The premaxillary teeth are smaller, more tightly arranged, and have a D-shaped cross section than other maxillary teeth. Like Tyrannosaurs, Albertosaurus’s maxillary teeth are effective against lateral forces, such as the struggling forces of prey in the mouth. Albertosaurus has a maximum bite force of about 8 tons. Above the eyes, there are short bony crowns, which may have visual recognition functions during courtship.

A 2001 study suggested that the jagged edges of Albertosaurus’ teeth may assist in tearing apart pieces of prey meat when feeding. The shape of the teeth ‘serrated edges during a bite increases the surface area of contact with the piece of meat and the stress experienced when spreading the bite. The teeth of a planetosaur, Pantherosaur, also have serrated edges, but cannot spread the stress experienced during a bite. Tyrannosaurs’ teeth are used to assist in tearing apart pieces of prey, rather than simply cutting pieces of meat. According to the wear pattern of the teeth, it shows that Tyrannosaurs shake their heads when eating to bite down their prey.

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