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Montjolan Natural Hump Oil Care Cream: What is the function? Can it be used for allergic skin?

Try it after wiping the ears, but if the face is prone to allergies, apply more cucumber slices to the face to replenish water and tenderize the skin. Wash the face warm with purified water, and use children’s skin care products to reduce skin irritation

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What is the effect of milk cream?

After doing all basic skin care, apply it to the face in small amounts and many times, and it will slowly be absorbed by the skin to achieve the effect of brightening and even skin tone. Apply it again on key areas and double whitening. Milk plain cream is rich in natural vitamins and other nutrients. It is a natural skin care product.

Milk cream can really achieve basic skin care, concealer, and complete plain face. Unlike other plain face creams, it will be pulled dry. It is like a face cream, which can effectively replenish water, moisturize, moisturize, and brighten the complexion~ A full can after opening the lid is very sufficient! Delicate and soft whipped cream texture, very soft and easy to push, really comfortable to use! The taste is very good, and there is a little light milk smell. The best thing about this plain cream is that it is not fake white! The effect on the upper face is very obvious! Whether it is the face or the eye area with severe pigmentation, it is obviously brightened. Some small blemishes and pores are also invisible, and the most important thing is very, very natural!

What are the lotions OR creams that do not contain “Mineral Oil”?

1. Dabao SOD Moisturizing Cream

This cream should be a series of products of Dabao SOD Honey. After all, Dabao SOD Moisturizing Honey belongs to lotion. Let’s take a look at the main ingredients of this cream. In addition to the water and glycerin that ordinary creams will have, the ingredients of this cream contain mineral oil. As a main moisturizing cream, the glycerin and mineral oil content in Dabao SOD Moisturizing Cream should not be low. After all, the main function of these two substances is to lock water and moisturize.

2. Dabao SOD Protein Cream

This cream has a delicate texture and is very suitable for autumn and winter use, especially for dry skin. It is a blessing. If you have oily skin, you should use it with caution, because the main effect of this cream is also moisturizing. For oily skin, it may make the skin appear more greasy, and it may be stuffy. This cream also contains glycerin and mineral oil ingredients.

3. Dabao Hydrating Moisturizing Essence Cream

This cream from Dabao has a similar texture to the previous two, but the color is very special. It is a very rare light green, which makes people feel very comfortable. It is even lighter and thinner than the previous two, somewhat similar to the texture of the lotion, and it is a clearer lotion texture. This cream does not contain mineral oil.

4. Dabao Natural Collection Revitalizing Cream

The texture of this cream is thicker, and the paste is milky white, but it is easy to push away after using it, and it will not feel grainy, let alone make people feel stagnant. However, this cream is more suitable for dry skin, especially in autumn and winter. It can be used as a body lotion, and the moisturizing effect is very good. This cream also contains glycerin.

5. Dabao Beauty Night Cream

This night cream is rich in almond oil and vitamin E, which has a good moisturizing effect and also contains mineral oil ingredients. However, the outer packaging is different from ordinary Dabao face creams, and the outer packaging is light orange.

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