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Moisturize or use isotretinoin after brushing the fruit acid?

Hydrate first. Brushing acid is to apply fruit acid, salicylic acid, amygdalic acid, tretinoin, etc. on the face. By changing the acidity of the skin surface, it can help remove excess waste keratin and promote the normal metabolism of skin cells

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What should I do after eating isotretinoin soft capsules Facial flushing? Should I stop taking medicine?

Isotretinoin soft capsules are clinically mainly used to treat acne with severe refractory nodules and keratinizing skin diseases. After use, certain adverse reactions such as body edema, dry skin itching and dandruff, dry eyes, and allergies may occur. But this kind of adverse reaction can recover on its own after stopping the drug and is reversible. It is recommended to stop the drug for a period of time to see if the face is still flushed. If the symptoms do not relieve, it is recommended to go to the hospital for registration for corresponding diagnosis and treatment.

Do you take isotretinoin soft capsules before or after meals?

isotretinoin soft capsules are drugs for treating youth acne, that is, acne. It needs to be taken with food to better exert its effect. Therefore, taking isotinoin soft capsules should be eaten with meals. Iotinoin soft capsules may affect fertility. Generally, only women who are not ready or unable to conceive will use them. In addition, isotretinoin soft capsules can also affect the digestive system, causing inflammatory bowel disease, hepatitis, pancreatitis, etc., as well as other non-specific gastrointestinal symptoms.

Can isotretinoin erythromycin gel and vinyl ester vitamin E cream be used together?

isotretinoin erythromycin gel and vinyl ester vitamin E cream, both of which are drugs for the treatment of skin acne, and the ingredients overlap, it is recommended to choose one. Vinyl ester in vinyl ester vitamin E cream is a vitamin A derivative, which can promote epithelial cell differentiation and shedding, regulate and prevent keratinization, and inhibit sebum secretion. In addition, it has the effect of anti-inflammatory and inhibiting acne bacteria, and vitamin E protects the skin.

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