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Milo is a beverage from which country?

Milo is a chocolate-flavored beverage powder originally developed by Australian food company Nestlé and first launched in Australia in 1934. At present, Milo has become Nestlé’s brand in many countries around the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Jamaica and other places. In order to better meet the taste and cultural needs of local consumers, Milo manufacturers have gradually adjusted their formula and packaging design, and launched products with different flavors and forms suitable for the local market in different countries and regions.

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Which kind of coconut to choose for Christmas?

Choose high-fat coconut.

High-fat coconut refers to the ingredients that have not been separated. Medium-fat coconut refers to the fat components in coconut that have reduced the original juice. Coconut refers to the ingredients containing coconut milk.

Coconut is a mixture of shredded coconut and coconut flour. It is used to make fillings for pastries, moon cakes, breads, etc., and is sprinkled on the surface of candied haws, breads, etc., to increase taste and decorate the surface. The raw material is to cut coconut meat into shreds or grind it into powder, and mix it after special drying treatment.

How to make Philippine meat puree sauce?

Ingredients List

Pork 600g, water 360ml, salt 15g, light soy sauce 2 spoons, dark soy sauce 1 spoon, sugar 55g, sake 2 caps, basil leaves

Cooking steps

1, pork 600g ground mud, water 360ml in batches, salt 15g, light soy sauce 2 spoons, dark soy sauce 1 spoon, sugar 55g, sake 2 caps,

2, basil leaves chopped in one hand. During the meat grinding process, a piece of tender ginger and a small handful of scallions grown by yourself were added. The water must be added in batches, patiently mix with a stirring stick until the meat puree becomes a meat gel. I am used to dipping my fingers in it after stirring well. The taste is right, and then put it in the refrigerator before use.

What is ofw?

OFW is the abbreviation of OverseasFilipinoWorkers, which means Filipino overseas workers in Chinese. According to the official statement of the Philippines earlier, the total population of the Philippines is 88 million (currently about 92 million people), of which about 8 million people work overseas, mainly in the United States, Hong Kong, the Middle East and other regions. In addition to the Filipino maids, the number of overseas Filipino seafarers and nurses is also considerable. Every year, the US dollars repatriated by OFW alone account for 25% of its GDP. This is also why the Philippines became the only country other than China that was not affected by the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

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