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Method of planting cabbage in the open air?

1. Sowing and seedling raising Due to the strong root regeneration ability of cabbage, it is resistant to transplanting, and multiple seedlings are raised and transplanted. The seedling land should be selected with unplanted vegetables of the same family, strong water and fertility retention, and well-drained soil. In order to increase the bed temperature, small arch sheds are often used for seedling raising. In autumn, the temperature is suitable, and the sowing amount per mu is 0.75-1kg, and it should be increased to 1.5-2.5kg in early spring and summer. In order to cultivate strong seedlings, the sowing amount should not be too large. If the density is too large, the seedlings will grow and jointed early. Rotten seedlings will also occur in the high temperature season. After the seedlings are unearthed, weeds should be pulled out at the right time. After the seedlings are all out, thin manure water should be applied 2-3 times. Pay attention During the seedling period, it is especially necessary to pay attention to the work of treating aphids and preventing and controlling viral diseases. Chinese cabbage is suitable for dense planting. The density of planting can not only make the product quality tender and yield increase, but also reduce the soil temperature and reduce the harm of viral diseases in the higher temperature season. Generally, only 7,500-8,000 plants are planted per mu; as spring cabbage, the plants are easy to sprout, and the density can increase to 10,000-11,000 plants.

leaf weight management

2. Field management of Chinese cabbage is mainly based on lotus leaves. The 8-10 leaves grown in the early stage have been withered, yellow and fallen off by the time of harvest. In the early stage of growth of Chinese cabbage, the management center is to increase the number of leaves per plant as soon as possible to quickly reach a sufficient number of leaves and leaf area. In the later stage of growth, it is mainly to increase the leaf weight of a single plant. Therefore, sufficient fertilizer and water should be continuously supplied during the growth period. After emergence and transplantation of slow seedlings, continuous thin application of manure water should be applied every 3-4 days to promote seedling growth. With the rapid growth of plants, top-dressing heavy fertilizer should be applied 1-2 times. Fertilization should be reduced or stopped 10-15 days before harvest. Spring cabbage should be applied top-dressing before winter or early spring to promote growth. Summer and autumn cabbage should also pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests.

3. Harvesting cabbage harvest period is not strict, 4-5 true leaves, can be harvested in stages or one harvest.

How long can cucumbers be harvested after planting?

Cucumbers take about 60 days from sowing to harvesting. ( It is related to the variety, with early maturity and late maturity) The growth period of cucumber is divided into 4 stages: germination period (about 5-6 days), seedling period (about 30 days), early flowering period (about 25 days), and fruiting period (about 30-60 days). From sowing to harvesting, that is, from the germination period to the early fruiting period.

1. The germination period is from the seed germination after sowing to the appearance of the first true leaf, which takes about 5 to 6 days. This period should be given higher temperature and humidity and sufficient light, and at the same time, seedlings should be divided in time to facilitate survival and prevent futile growth.

2. The seedling stage is from the appearance of true leaves to the colonization period of about 4 to 5 true leaves, which is about 30 days or more. A large number of flower buds were differentiated in this period, which laid the foundation for the early yield of cucumber. Nutritional growth and reproductive growth went hand in hand in this period, and should be carried out in accordance with the principle of “promoting” and “controlling” in terms of temperature and water and fertilizer management. From the perspective of fertility diagnosis, the ratio of leaf weight to stem weight should be large, and the ratio of above-ground weight to underground weight should be small. Since the expansion of leaf area and the promotion of flower bud differentiation are the key points in this period, the development of root system should be promoted first.

3. The first flowering period begins with the colonization of 4 to 5 true leaves. After the first female flower appears and opens, it takes about 25 days until the first melon sits. The flower buds continue to form in this period, and the number of flowers continues to increase. The principle of cultivation is: not only to promote the strengthening of the root system, but also to expand the leaf area, ensure the quantity and quality of flower buds, and make the seat stable. Therefore, the criteria for fertility diagnosis are: the leaf area/stem weight ratio is relatively large, but the lush leaves must be moderate.

4. The current period of the fruiting period is lived by the first fruit seat. After continuous flowering and fruiting, until the plant is senescent, the flowering and fruiting are gradually reduced, and even the seedlings are pulled. Spring cucumbers take about 30 to 60 days, and autumn cucumbers generally take more than 40 days. The length of the fruiting period is the key to the high and low yield, so every effort should be made to extend the fruiting period. Due to the continuous results and continuous harvesting in this period, there is a lot of consumption of substances, so it is necessary to maintain the most suitable leaf area index, and the population should achieve the highest degree of dry matter yield. In short, in terms of fertility diagnosis in this period, the seedlings should be combined, long-lasting and three-dimensional results as the standard.

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