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Men’s skin care tutorial?

1. Drink plenty of water, drink salt water, honey water or drink lemonade, which can promote metabolism, speed up the excretion of toxins in the body, and have the effect of beauty, beauty and freckle removal.

best skin care routine for acne for men

2. You can drink a glass of red wine or apply red wine to your face before going to bed. The wine acid in red wine can promote metabolism and delicate skin. You can use red wine and honey to prepare a mask. Honey has moisturizing and nourishing effects. Play a role in beauty and beauty.

3. Keep enough sleep while feeling good. Proper aerobic exercise every day will improve metabolism, improve immunity, and promote facial rejuvenation.

4. Pay attention to sun protection when going out. Ultraviolet rays have a killing effect on the skin and will promote skin aging and aging. Be sure to pay attention to sun protection, wear sunscreen, wear a mask, wear a hat, and hold an umbrella.

Men have a lot of acne and often stay up late. What kind of skin care do you use?

How to get rid of acne in men’s skin care? In traditional thinking, beauty and skin care seem to be only the patent of women. Men often ignore the cleanliness of the skin. Oil stains have accumulated in the pores for a long time and cannot be removed, making it easier to produce acne.

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Keep hygienic

To avoid acne, lazy men should especially pay attention to personal hygiene. Bedding, such as quilts, bedsheets, pillows, and face towels, should be kept clean and hygienic from time to time. If possible, it is best to be exposed to sunlight, because ultraviolet rays have the effect of killing bacteria and disinfecting.


Wash your face correctly

Many men’s skin care methods like to take a towel and wipe it casually, or wash their face with soap, thinking that it is convenient and convenient to wash off the oil stains on their face. In fact, this approach is completely wrong. Not only can it not remove the dirt in the pores, but the soap in the soap is very harmful to the skin, causing the skin to be too dry, resulting in more oil and more acne.


Eat less fast food

Junk food such as fast meals and snacks can easily cause constipation and easily cause acne. Eat more vegetables, fruits, etc., and a nutritionally balanced diet is also very important.


Don’t squeeze the pimples

Don’t squeeze the pimples. Men often have acne, and they will squeeze out the pus or white oil particles in the pimples. It feels very refreshing, and it seems that the pimples will disappear faster, but this will cause injuries to the face, including pits, dark spots, blush, and blood vessels dilated to form blood strands, and it is easy to repeatedly produce pimples in the same place. In fact, as long as you hold back your itchy hands, don’t touch them, wait two or three weeks, or use acne products in the early stage of the pimples, it will help dry the pimples quickly, without irritation, and without leaving scars.


Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep. It is important to know that for men and women alike, good sleep is very important for the skin. If you don’t sleep well, the skin will secrete more oil, which will make acne grow more and your face will be gray. So don’t stay up late, try to go to bed at 11 o’clock, because your skin’s metabolism usually runs from 11 o’clock in the evening to 2 o’clock in the morning. Adjust your biological clock so you don’t feel sorry for acne.

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