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Men’s skin care in summer?

Men’s summer skin care methods can generally be used to clean the face, balance and soften the skin, balance natural acid and alkali, etc.

summer skin care routine men

1. Cleansing the face: Cleansing the skin during men’s skin care in summer is the first step of maintenance. After cleansing the skin, it can effectively remove the dirt on the skin, and can also have a better effect on hair follicle blockage and rough skin.

2. Balanced softening: When basically maintaining the skin, generally balancing and softening the skin is a step that is relatively easy to ignore. After balancing and softening the skin, it can effectively play a toning role on the skin and hydrate the skin.

How do men take care of their skin in summer?

1. Cleansing the face is the first step in basic maintenance to remove dirt from the skin.

Cleansing is not done thoroughly, often causing hair follicle blockage, making the skin look rough and dull, and more likely to produce acne, blisters or other skin problems. As a result, even the best skin care products cannot perform their due functions, and may even make the skin worse.

Therefore, it is very important to choose good cleaning products carefully and clean them in the correct way, so as to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.

2. Balanced softening In the process of basic maintenance, a very important but often overlooked step is: toning, that is, the use of lotion.

Balanced softening is the second step of maintenance. It has three functions:

1. Cleaning again: In the cleaning step, it is possible that the cleaning is not thorough enough, so that the cleaning product remains on the skin. The use of balanced softening products can achieve the effect of cleaning again.

2. Convergent skin: In the process of washing the face, the pores are stimulated and slightly opened. This step can effectively converge the pores.

3. Balance natural acid and alkali: The sebaceous film secreted by the skin protects the skin from bacteria and microorganisms, but washing the face may destroy the pH of the sebaceous film, making the skin’s ability to resist foreign objects weakened, so a toner is needed to restore the skin’s natural acid and alkali.

3. The third step in moisturizing the skin’s basic maintenance is moisturizing, which provides the nutrients and moisture the skin needs, so that the skin has a healthy skin and elasticity, showing a beautiful and moving look.

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