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Men’s dry skin, what skin care products are suitable for use?

Men’s dry skin needs to use refreshing, moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products. The following are some skin care products suitable for men’s dry skin:

male skin care routine dry skin

1. Cleansing products: Choose gentle, non-irritating cleansing products, such as creamy cleansers, facial cleansers, etc.

2. Toner: Choose a moisturizing and moisturizing toner, which can effectively replenish the moisture and nutrients the skin needs.

3. Lotion/Cream: Choose a lotion or cream containing moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, etc., which can provide sufficient moisture and nutrition for the skin and maintain the elasticity and luster of the skin.

4. Mask: Choose a moisturizing, moisturizing and soothing mask, which can replenish and repair the skin when it is irritated or dry, making the skin healthier.

5. Sunscreen: Choose a sunscreen product containing moisturizing ingredients and non-irritating, which can effectively protect the skin from UV damage and also play a moisturizing role.

It should be noted that the choice of skin care products should be based on one’s skin type and actual situation. Avoid using products that are too irritating or not suitable for one’s skin type, resulting in sensitive skin or other problems.

What skin care products do men use for dry skin?

What skin care products do men use for dry and peeling skin? Natural Hall Men’s Glacier Dew, natural small molecule ingredients intensive hydration, gently wipe, say goodbye to dry embarrassment. Hard strength to build a good reputation, a must for stylish men, handsome, high-grade, high-end.

What skin care products are more suitable for men with dry skin?

Korean AHC Men’s Multi-Effect Moisturizing Lotion

This lotion extracts natural moisturizing ingredients, which can effectively improve tired and dehydrated skin, lock in moisture, converge pores, tighten skin, help restore skin water and oil balance, and present a smooth and firm texture. And extract natural ingredients for pore care from lavender flowers, mint leaves, wheat buds, and Platycodon to create vibrant and healthy skin. You can’t go wrong with this lotion for dry skin boys in winter

Looking for skin care products for middle-aged men with dry skin?

The landlord, let me tell you about the care of men’s skin, it may be a bit long, I hope you can read it patiently, the most important part of men’s skin care is to keep clean, because men’s skin is generally coarse texture, pores are large, and oily, it is easy to leave dirt on the pores of the face, and even clog the pores. In addition to washing the face with warm water (30–40 degrees), facial cleanser is the best product for cleansing the skin.

Most of the current facial cleansers have added nutrients suitable for various skin types. When repairing the skin, you can choose according to your own needs, but it should be noted that facial cleanser is different from face cream, and its functions only play some auxiliary roles.

And skin care water is a transparent skin care product with water as a solvent. It has the function of cream cosmetics, which can keep the skin soft and moisturized, and regulate and improve the physiological functions of the skin. There are many varieties of skin care water on the supermarket, among which nutrient water, toner and shrinkage water are more suitable for men. Generally, men need to choose at least one of these skin care waters.

For example, according to the skin type of men, my suggestion is that the disadvantage of dry skin is that it cannot withstand external stimuli, it is easy to age and wrinkle, redness and peeling after sun exposure in summer; it is easy to dry and crack and peel in winter. So I recommend using an oily skin care cream with strong moisturizing properties. For oily skin, controlling oil secretion is the key, so it is best to choose water quality skin care products suitable for oil secretion. For the maintenance of mixed skin, it is better to pay attention to moisturizing, and it is suitable to choose lotion skin care products.

Men’s lotion, I recommend a few to you,

First of all, I think, L’OREALPARIS Paris Men’s Energy Awakening Lotion is good, the texture is refreshing, the thickness is moderate, it is very comfortable, and the fragrance is also very liked, but it has no oil control effect, but as a moisturizer, it is still good to control oil, and it will not cause dehydration and peeling like some oil control creams. The price is about 50ml, about 100,

Then there is, Adidas Adidas Men’s Moisturizer, which is very refreshing for dry skin, and the moisturization is not bad. There will be no mud or peeling. It feels good. It is recommended to use it with toner. 50Ml, about 90 yuan

Biotherm products, everyone knows that the moisturizing effect is relatively good. This Biotherm BIOTHERM hydrodynamic men’s moisturizing lotion has a good refreshing moisturizing effect, but it is not suitable for dry skin as it claims. I think it is more suitable for mixed types. The moisturizing effect is not enough for dry skin. Also, the high domestic price leads to poor cost performance. The price is 230 yuan 75ml

Also, for example, Mansoreton MENTHOLATUM men’s repair emollient lotion, which is a good moisturizing lotion, suitable for dry skin. The mixed type is a little greasy. Of course, if the massage makes the absorption fully, the effect will be much better. It depends on how you use it and whether you have massaged it.

Finally, what I recommend to you is a NIVEA men’s aftershave lotion from Nivea. The traditional Nivea taste is not greasy after rubbing. It is suitable for dry skin, and oily skin may feel a little greasy. After rubbing, the moisturizing effect of the T-zone is good, and there is no oil. The price is about 100ml50, which is very cost-effective.

The owner should also note that men will leave many invisible scars on the skin after shaving, which is easy to cause bacterial infections. The shaving cream is made of mint fragrance and anti-inflammatories. When shaving, rub an appropriate amount of shaving cream on the beard, and then use a shaving brush or finger dipped in warm water to moisturize the face back and forth to produce foam before starting to shave. This is not only convenient for shaving, but also has the effect of stretching the facial skin, and can effectively prevent bacterial infections.

Finally, it is recommended to choose an appropriate cleansing cream when washing your face. For oily skin, use less granular cleansing cream (foaming is prohibited), and use a gentle oil-removing cleansing milk. For example, the men’s cleansing milk from Yunifang is more suitable for oil control and moisturization of male skin. You can also choose to remove beans according to yourself. After washing your face, apply care water or gel. For those with beans, use a suspended anti-inflammatory care water, for those with oil, use oil control care water, and generally use a moisturizing care water. For dry skin, it is recommended to choose some men’s skin care products with better hydrating and moisturizing effect, such as L’Oreal’s Men’s Energy Awakening Lotion, which is refreshing and moisturizing, which is very helpful for dry skin. Pat it on the face and wait for it to be fully absorbed, and choose a body lotion with better moisturizing effect. If you urgently need to change your skin, you can use a corresponding mask, such as blackhead removal, hydration, etc.

The above are some of my personal experiences, I hope it can be useful to you, and I wish you a happy mood!

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