Weight management

Marilyn Monroe’s weight?

Since she became famous in 1952, most of the time she weighed around 52kg;

1960 fb weight management

She had 3 pregnancies from 1957 to 1959, and she must have weighed more than 52 during pregnancy.

However, after the divorce in 1960, her weight began to drop sharply.

In 1961 and 1962, it fell to the lowest level in adulthood, and the thinnest time was less than 50kg.

At the peak of 1953

During pregnancy in 1958

Is Lang Ping 1.9 meters?

Lang Ping, female, Han nationality, 1.84 meters tall, born in Tianjin, China on December 10, 1960, former Chinese women’s volleyball player, Olympic champion, current head coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team, president of China Volleyball Academy, and vice chairman of China Volleyball Association.

In April 1973, Lang Ping entered the volleyball class of Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium Youth Sports School to practice volleyball. In 1976, he entered the Beijing Amateur Sports School and was selected for the Beijing Volleyball Team in the same year. In 1978, he was selected for the national training team. In 1981, he won the 3rd World Cup championship with the Chinese women’s volleyball team and won the “Excellent Athlete Award”. In 1982, he won the 9th World Women’s Volleyball Championship with the Chinese team and won the MVP of the World Women’s Volleyball Championship. In 1984, he won the gold medal in the women’s volleyball competition at the Los Angeles Olympic Games with the Chinese team, assisting the Chinese women’s volleyball team to achieve three consecutive championships. In 1986, Lang Ping announced his retirement.

In 1995, Lang Ping was hired as the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. In 1996, Lang Ping was awarded the “World’s Best Coach” by the International Volleyball Federation. In October 2002, Lang Ping was officially inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame, becoming the first person among Asian volleyball players to receive this honor. On April 25, 2013, Lang Ping was appointed as the head coach of the women’s volleyball national team. In February 2015, Lang Ping won the Best Coach Award for the 2014CCTV Sports Figure. In February 2016, Lang Ping was elected as the 2015 Person of the Year who touched China. In March, Lang Ping received the “Influencing the World Chinese Award”. In August, Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Rio Olympic Games as the head coach. In September 2019, he led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Women’s Volleyball World Cup. Lang Ping has made outstanding contributions to China’s volleyball industry.

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