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male models use?

What skin care products do

L’Oreal Men’s Youth Muscle Source Firming Serum

skin care routine male model

2, Mansoreldun Energy Awakening Lotion

3, Nature Hall Men’s Caffeine Serum

4, Mansoreldun Water Revitalizing Serum

5, Oberley Junshi Firming Awakening Serum

6, Biotherm Men’s Firming Cream

7, Laneige Deep Sea Milk

8, Clarins Men’s Moisturizing Cream

What should be paid attention to in a male model interview?

1. It is better to dress generously and decently, clean and tidy. Dress should not be old-fashioned or mediocre, fashionable and cool, and business calm.

2. The hairstyle should highlight your own characteristics. According to different face shapes, you should use the hairstyle to promote your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. The eyebrows, beard, and hair should be styled and clean. The hairstyle should not be too non-mainstream. It is best to look refreshed. If possible, you can lighten the invisible makeup modification flaws, such as wrinkles, acne, dark circles, etc.

3. You can practice in advance about displaying the image. Please refer to some big men’s clothing magazines or advertisements to learn your look and posture, and publicize your own characteristics. You can ask photographers and friends to provide suggestions and take samples, which will have a more competitive advantage

4. It is important to strengthen exercise at ordinary times, and cultivate good living habits and figure. Make the whole person look in good spirits and in good condition.

5. If there is a height requirement for the interview, you can choose boots with thicker soles and the like.

6. Before the interview, be sure to maintain good rest and work habits, avoid staying up late, and do more skin care work, in short, look full of energy! Keep a good mood, because this will directly affect the performance and image.

7. If you have shooting experience, it is best to bring photos, and it is best to make a booklet, which can make people feel well-prepared and sincere.

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