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Makeup Tutorial Natural Makeup Steps for Beginners?

Makeup Step 1: Do a good job of skin care

combination skin care routine for beginners

If you want to wear a good-looking makeup look, the most basic thing is to do a good job of skin care. Do a good job of skin care, and then the makeup will be more obedient and not easy to take off!

Makeup Step 2: Makeup Primer – Isolation Cream

This step is mainly a basic primer. It is recommended to choose a thicker and emollient primer, so that you can wear more docile makeup. The barrier cream is used to isolate harmful substances during makeup. It is recommended to use a color that blends your skin tone to make the skin look naturally fair.

Makeup Step 3: Foundation-Powder-Setting Powder

This step is mainly the base makeup part. Liquid foundation is mainly used to modify skin tone. Novice makeup can choose the foundation that suits you according to different skin types, namely neutral, oily, and mixed skin. It should be noted that the foundation should be unified with the skin tone.

When applying the powder, just take a few shots on the part that needs to adjust the skin tone. Finally, use setting powder or loose powder to set the makeup to end the base makeup part.

Makeup Step 4: Eyebrow Pencil

A suitable and easy-to-use eyebrow pencil is more helpful for drawing a good-looking makeup look, so when choosing an eyebrow pencil, novices need to pay attention to two points. Eyebrow pencil with hard refills is easier to control the color depth, and choosing a color similar to the hair color will not appear abrupt.

Makeup Step 5: Eyeshadow – Eyeliner – Mascara

This part is mainly the eye makeup part. When choosing eyeshadow, you need to be careful not to choose eyeshadow that is similar to your eye color. Contrast can highlight the eyes more. Eyeliner is drawn at the root of the eyelashes, and a color that is darker than the eyeshadow is generally selected. On daily makeup, it is suitable to choose black When applying light makeup, just use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes and apply a layer of mascara.

Makeup Step 6: Lip Balm-Lipstick

This part is mainly the lip makeup part. The use of lip balm is mainly used as a base for lipstick, making the lipstick look more delicate. Girls with fair skin can choose cool and warm colors, while girls with yellowish skin are more suitable for darker reds in warm colors, not light and silver lipsticks.

Makeup Step 7: Blush Grooming

Blush used to modify the natural blush on the face should be used in the choice of color and skin tone. When using, you need to sweep from the temple to the direction of the apple muscle, not the other way around.

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