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Maggie Cheung’s height and weight?

Her height is 168cm and her weight is 54kg.

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Maggie Cheung, born on September 20, 1964 in Hong Kong, China, is a Chinese film and television actress, singer, national first-class actor, and an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh.

In 1983, she made her debut as the runner-up of the Hong Kong Beauty Pageant. In 1984, she starred in her first TVB TV drama “Drawing Rainbows”, which officially entered the entertainment industry. In 1989, she won the Best Actress Award at the 26th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards for her drama “People in New York”. In 1990, she won the Best Actress Award at the 9th Hong Kong Film Awards for her romantic film “People Who Don’t Take Off Their Socks”.

Which country is the Wottie bear from?


This special veteran participated in World War II. It has a military rank and establishment, and its identity is a bear. The Polish people affectionately call it “Bear Warrior”, and this black bear is named “Wottie”.

Like us, it also smokes and drinks

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