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lsak is played by?

Tarjei Sandvik Moe, a Norwegian actor, born in Oslo on May 24, 1999. He has won global audience love and professional recognition for his role as Isak Valtersen in the school youth drama Skam.

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The male protagonist chooses a movie with a different life?

“The Man Without a Name” is a sci-fi romance directed by Jacques Van Dommel, starring Jared Leto, Sarah Polly, Diane Krueger and others.

The film tells the story of the 118-year-old male protagonist Nimono Burdi, played by Jared, who experiences a love story that is lost through alienation from reality, and searches for the mystery of a man’s life in the long river of memory.


In the future of 2092, Mars has become a popular holiday destination for people on Earth. The 118-year-old Nimono Burti (played by Jared Leto) is the last natural person still alive.

With a confused memory, he keeps recalling his childhood through hypnosis and interviews, but at each point in his life, he generates a completely different life.

In these various versions, there are Anna (Diane Kruger), who becomes Nemo’s “sister” after her mother (Natasha Little) and father (Rhae Ifans) divorce and remarry, and Elise (Sarah Polley), who suffers from depression and is emotionally unstable after marriage, and Gene (Van Linh Dan Pham), an Asian girl with whom he has three children.

Is there a movie about ancient Babylon?

“Alexander the Great” I know this one ◎ Chinese name Alexander the Great ◎ Title Alexander ◎ Years 2004 ◎ Country USA ◎ Category Drama/Adventure/War ◎ Language English ◎ Duration 167 minutes ◎ IMDB rating 5. 5/10 (19,155votes) ◎ Director Oliver Stone ◎ Starring Colin Farrell as Alexander Angelina Julie Angelina Jolie as Olympias Valkilmer as Philips Anthony Hopkins Anthony Hopkins as Old Ptolemy Jared Leto as Hepheastion (Alexander’s same-sex lover~) Brian Blessed Christopher Plummer Jonathan Rhythm-Meyers Synopsis: Alexander the Great was born in 356 BC as the son of King Philip of Macedonia and was the first famous emperor in history to conquer Eurasia.

Alexander was intelligent since childhood. He was taught by the master (Aristotle). After a while, he was appointed governor of the capital and appointed commander of the Macedonian army to pacify the bandits. He swept through the chaos of the Greek city-states with his father. When Philip was assassinated in 336 BC, Alexander succeeded the throne and inherited his father’s will. He led the Greek coalition to attack Persia. He defeated Persia at Guanikaka and went straight into Asia Minor to capture the two river basins. The Persian Empire collapsed. The Persian king Darius was killed. He marched into Egypt and crossed the Indus River into the Ganges Valley. He was forced to retreat because the sergeant was homesick. Alexander integrated Eastern and Western cultures, encouraged intermarriage between ethnic groups, and advocated equality among ethnic groups. He spread Greek ideas and laws everywhere, and created the culture of the Hellenistic era. He died at the age of 32.

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