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Lotion Essence Muscle Bottom Fluid Whitening Conditioning Water Moisturizing Cream Skin Care Order?

Lotion, Essence, Muscle Bottom Fluid, Whitening Conditioning Water, The correct skin care steps and order of use of the moisturizing mask should be: Whitening Conditioning Water/Lotion — Muscle Bottom Fluid — Essence — Finally, a moisturizing mask. Whitening Conditioning Water belongs to a kind of makeup water, you can use one. If you want to use two at the same time, it is recommended to use makeup water during the day and whitening conditioning water at night. The correct order of use of skin care products:

skin care routine for dry uneven skin

1. After washing the face with makeup water, pat on the toner for the skin on the face within one minute, because at this time the skin has the strongest water absorption capacity, which can effectively replenish water for the skin and maintain a hydrated state. Remember that it is “pat”, not “wipe”, which is more conducive to absorption.

2. Most of the ingredients of the muscle bottom fluid are hydrophilic and oily, which can disintegrate the moisture and oil in the skin care products at the same time, and then be better absorbed by the skin. At the same time, it is combined with the ingredients to soften and moisturize the cuticle, so that the stratum corneum can more easily absorb the subsequent maintenance ingredients.

3. Essence Essence is the best in skin care products, and it can be inferred by looking at its name alone. Its ingredients are very delicate, and its effect on the skin is also quite significant. It has become an essential step in skin care. Especially in the dry autumn, this step is even more saved.

4. Eye cream It is well known that eye cream can reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, but its effect of improving wrinkles and fine lines may be less known. Therefore, this step is recommended not to be saved. It is reminded that the skin around the eyes is relatively fragile, and the action of applying eye cream must be gently rubbed to not damage the skin.

5. Lotion or cream The skin needs not only to replenish water, but also to lock in water. The work of replenishing water has been completed by taking a toner in the first step, and applying a lotion or cream is the work of locking water. This step must not be skipped, because if you only replenish water without locking water, the moisture replenished to the surface of the skin will soon be lost, and after all, it will fall short.

Correct skin care steps after brushing acid?

1. Timely hydration: Pay special attention to skin care after brushing acid, and replenish the skin in time, because the skin is in a relatively dry state after brushing acid, hydrating the skin is to improve the dehydration of the skin;

2. Pay attention to sun protection: The skin that brushes acid is more sensitive, so pay special attention to sun protection. Apply sunscreen in time when going out. At the same time, use sunglasses, hats, masks, etc. for physical sun protection.

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