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loreal L’Oreal Foundation Why is there a green liquid in it?

The green liquid in Loreal L’Oreal Foundation is called “Color Correct Liquid”, which is a chemical that can balance the complexion and brighten the complexion. This green liquid contains red and yellow complementary colors, which can neutralize problems such as hazy and dull skin, leaving a brighter and more natural complexion. In addition, the Color Correct Liquid can also resist ultraviolet rays and oxidation, which helps delay skin aging. At the same time, it can adjust the skin’s water and oil balance and help moisturize. Therefore, the green liquid of Loreal L’Oreal Foundation is an important chemical component that can help skin become more beautiful and healthy.

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What is the difference between L’Oreal Rejuvenating Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid?

The difference between the two is that L’Oreal Rejuvenating Retinol has a better effect on improving wrinkles. It is suitable for people over the age of 30, while L’Oreal Rejuvenating Hyaluronic Acid is more inclined to replenish water, making the skin look more plump and suitable for people over 18.

L’Oreal Rejuvenating Retinol Serum contains dermatological ingredients A alcohol PRO -3, its effect is to thicken the epidermis and smooth the skin, stable and non-irritating. There is also 9% Bose of Oujiahei Technology. Its effect is to promote collagen regeneration, deeply improve water content, plump skin, and tighten dipeptides. Its effect is to repair elastin, strengthen muscle bottom support network,

In general, Rejuvenation Anti-Wrinkle is aimed at wrinkles, and has a better effect on wrinkle improvement. The function of Rejuvenation Hyaluronic Acid is to moisturize and hydrate, swell and fill, and fade fine lines. It mainly improves loose skin, dehydration of skin, and fine lines on the face.

Retinol is generally an anti-aging effect, and hyaluronic acid is mainly a moisturizing and moisturizing effect.

The difference between L’Oreal Rejuvenation Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid. Block the skin damage caused by the environment. Use it at night to repair the skin, lock in moisture and fade fine lines. The oil-free formula used is doubly moisturized but still refreshing. There is no heavy feeling on the face. It absorbs quickly. There is no need to worry about closing your mouth at all. It is especially friendly to dry sensitive skin. However, pay attention to the dosage! No less than one dropper at a time, as a primer before makeup, it can keep the skin hydrated all day.

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