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Liverpool Matip’s weight?

Liverpool Matip’s weight is 89 kilograms, with dual Cameroonian/German nationality, Cameroonian football player, on the field as a central defender, playing for Liverpool Football Club in the English Premier League. In the away league game against Bayern Munich on November 7, 2009, he made his first appearance for Schalke and scored a goal. He scored his debut in the Bundesliga at the age of 18. 2017/18 season, Joel Matip signed as a free agent to join Liverpool Football Club in the Premier League. 2018/19 season, Matip helped the team win the Champions League, and 2019/20 season, Matip helped the team win the UEFA Super Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup and the English Premier League.

liverpool weight management

Who is the captain of Liverpool (now)?

Chinese name: Henderson

English name: Henderson

English full name: JordanHenderson

Birthday: 1990-06-17

Height: 182cm

Weight: 67kg

Age: 25 years old

Position: Midfielder

Nationality: England

Club: Liverpool

Jersey number: No. 14

Liverpool announced on the club’s official website that the team’s midfielder Henderson has been officially appointed as the new captain of the Reds.

The midfielder will start his fifth season with the Reds as Liverpool captain and lead the team on a trip to the Far East this summer. After Gerrard left Anfield, the burden of captaining the Reds fell to Henderson.

Henderson said: “I am absolutely happy and proud to be appointed captain of this club, it is a huge honour and an honour for me. Last season when Gerrard didn’t play and I played and captained, I always gave my best. I will always give my best and put the team first, and whatever my teammates need, I will try to give or assist.”

On the appointment of Henderson, Liverpool manager Rogers said: “Henderson is the kind of player who always leads by example with his practical actions. He shows his commitment to the game and is a good professional model. At the same time, he also respects the tradition and responsibility of Liverpool captains. He is lucky to have been taught by Gerrard, one of the club’s greatest captains.”

“Henderson has made great progress since joining Liverpool, and he is ready to face the challenge head-on. He will be captain with his own style, his own personality, his own ideas and methods.”

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