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Little White Makeup Introductory Tutorial?

Cleansing a lotion – Lotion 1 – Isolation (this four steps are pre-makeup skin care) BB cream (foundation) a concealer – Loose powder – Thrush – Eyeshadow – Eyeliner – Mascara (false eyelashes) – Blush – Lips

four step skin care routine

The following will break down the makeup steps and tell, MM who wants to learn makeup without basics will continue to look down!

2. What do you need to learn makeup

1. Basic skin care (facial cleanser, lotion, lotion, isolation, etc. A good foundation is easier to apply makeup.)

2. Foundation (bb cream or foundation)

3. Loose powder (if you are more oily, it is best to have one, you can set makeup to make makeup last longer)

4. Concealer (if dark circles and acne marks are more obvious, you can consider one and use it locally)

5. Blush (can make skin more ruddy)

6. Mascara (curling eyelashes, indispensable)

7. Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner (choose one of three, beginners recommend using eyeliner)

8. Eyeshadow (It is recommended to use earth color, choose different colors by yourself)

9. Eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder (for painting eyebrows, it is recommended to use brown, silver gray, black)

10. Lip gloss or lipstick (lipstick has no color, lipstick has color, choose by yourself)

11. Various makeup brushes (makeup brushes can help us create a more delicate makeup look, makeup essentials.)

12. Makeup remover (this is a must, and it should be removed cleanly. Choose different makeup remover products according to your needs)

Others, such as grooming highlights, can be increased according to the makeup you want to create. Generally speaking, the above is enough!

3. Detailed makeup tutorial

Makeup steps Step1: Basic skin care before makeup

Start with cleansing! Choose skin care cleansers according to your skin, and foam cleansing products are not recommended.

Lotion: When using, dip your hands or a cotton pad in the lotion and gently pat it on the face from bottom to top and from inside to outside.

Lotion: Use the five-point method to raise the lotion point on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

Isolation: Apply it to the face and apply it down.

Makeup Step2: BB Cream

BB Cream has the functions of concealer, moisturizing, whitening, etc. It has multiple effects. I presume everyone has hands – support it.

1. Basic Skin Care: Before using BB Cream, do a good job of hydrating. Using bb cream on hydrated skin is easier to push away and will never peel.

2. When applying foundation, you can’t apply the same thickness to the whole face. The cheekbones under the eyes need to be well covered; from the forehead to the bridge of the nose, around the eyes and lips are the areas that need to be applied thinly; the lines of the face frame can be coordinated and integrated, and the least is applied.

In the order of 1-5, by changing the amount of bb cream and different levels of depth to improve the three-dimensional feeling of the face.

3. Apply bb cream in a five-point method. Apply more foundation to the cheeks, and control the rest according to the area just mentioned.

4. Push the bb cream away along the contour of the face. Use the part above the second joint of the finger to gently push away the bb cream applied to the five parts along the contour of the face.

5. Use the middle finger to coordinate the subtle parts. After the larger range of cheeks is processed, use the middle finger to gently tap the T-shaped area where makeup is easy to fall off, the nostrils on both sides, and the areas around the eyes and lips that need to be thinned to promote integration with the skin.

6. Finally, use a makeup sponge or puff to remove uneven and excess foundation. Use a makeup sponge to remove excess bb cream and gently sweep the entire face.

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