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Limit axle weight! What does axle weight refer to?

For bridges with shorter beams, when vehicles pass, the whole vehicle mass will not all be pressed on the same beam. According to the situation, it is necessary to “limit axle weight” (limit the axle weight of the front and rear wheels of the vehicle).

mass management axle weights

Axle weight refers to the weight of a locomotive or vehicle borne by a wheelset. Simply put, how heavy is the axle on the ground scale, such as Dongfeng 140, standard load 5 tons, dead weight 4 tons, total weight 9 tons. Front axle axle axle weight 3 tons, rear axle weight 6 tons.

What is the standard of axle load?

Wheel load is also called axle load, which is the load on the axle. Simply put, it is the weight of the axle on the scale. For example, Dongfeng 140, the standard load is 5 tons, the dead weight is 4 tons, and the total weight is 5 tons. The front axle axle axle weight is 3 tons, which is the distance between the two vertical lines that pass through the midpoint of two adjacent wheels on the same side of the vehicle and are perpendicular to the longitudinal symmetry plane of the vehicle. Simply put, it is the distance from the center of the front axle of the car to the center of the rear axle. For cars with more than three axles, the axle has a wheelbase between two adjacent wheels from front to back, respectively, and the total wheel

The influence of the wheelbase on the car

Let’s talk about the importance of the wheelbase to the performance of the whole vehicle from both the design point of view and the actual use. From the design point of view, the wheelbase is a very important parameter, which is closely related to the performance of the car. The wheelbase determines the position of the center of gravity of the car. Therefore, once the wheelbase of the car is changed, the general arrangement design must be re-carried out, especially the size of the transmission train and the body part, the spring and shock absorber parameters in the suspension system, and the size of the steering trapezoidal tie rod in the steering system. At the same time, the change of the wheelbase will also cause the change of the axle load distribution of the front and rear axles, so the influence of these factors on the braking, handling and ride comfort of the car must be considered. Therefore, the wheelbase parameter will definitely be noted in the car technical performance table, which is enough to show that it has a very important reference role.

From the actual use point of view, the length of the wheelbase directly affects the length of the car, which in turn affects the internal use of the car space. The wheelbase of a mini car is generally below 2200mm, and its rear seat has less legroom. If an adult is sitting in the rear seat, it is usually the knee that is pushed against the back of the front seat, and the legs cannot be stretched at all. Sitting in the car gives people a depressing feeling, let alone using it as a business car and a taxi. Compared with the short wheelbase of miniature cars, the wheelbase of ordinary cars and intermediate cars is generally longer, so the rear seat space is relatively large, and adults can sit on the wheelbase more loosely. Therefore, whether it is a family car, a taxi or a business car, this level of cars is very popular.

Finally, let’s look at the impact of too short and too long wheelbase on the operating performance of the vehicle.

If the wheelbase of the car is short, the length of the car is short, the mass is small, the minimum turning radius and longitudinal passing radius are also small, and the maneuverability of the car is good. However, if the wheelbase is too short, the length of the carriage will be insufficient, and the rear overhang (the distance between the last axle line of the vehicle and the rearmost end of the car) will also be too long, which will cause large longitudinal swings when driving and large mass transfer when braking, accelerating or going uphill, and its maneuverability and stability will deteriorate. If the wheelbase is too long, it will increase the length of the body, so that the rear reversing blind spot will also be too large. If the reversing radar is not added, reversing is a serious test for beginners. The axle axle load is 6 tons.

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