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Lifuquan K milk is used in which step of skin care?

Lifuquan K milk is generally used once in the morning and once in the evening. The steps to use K milk are after cleansing and toner and before cream. Also note that the skin may become very dry after using K milk, so after using K milk, it is generally recommended to use a moisturizing cream to moisturize and reduce water loss.

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How to use hahk skin care gel?

How to use hghK skin care gel:

1. First squeeze out blueberry-sized gels on the inner parts of the two wrists, and apply them once in the morning and once in the evening within the first 60 days.

2. Generally, the gel is applied to the parts of the body where the skin is very weak, such as the wrist, forearm, armpit and the back of the knee, and then rotational massage or up and down massage is used to massage to help absorb. Generally, rubbing for 1 minute can absorb the gel almost.

What is the order of use of hkh skin care products and what are the steps?

Going out to make up has become a part of women’s lives. In addition to techniques, makeup also requires good skin and care methods. The following are the order of use of hkh skin care products and skin care steps:

1. Cleansing. Skin care maintenance and cleaning is always the first step. Makeup removal, cleansing, and eye washing are necessary steps. First remove all the cosmetics used during the day with makeup remover and makeup remover oil, wash the residue on the skin with facial cleanser, and wash the eyes with a little eye wash to remove all fatigue.

2. Lotion. It is recommended to choose firming water for oily skin, toner for normal skin, softening water for dry skin, firming water for mixed skin T-zone, sensitive water and repair water for sensitive skin.

3. Eye cream. Pay attention to the steps of applying eye cream, because the skin around the eyes is very thin and the nutrients absorbed are limited. It needs to be used behind the lotion and in front of the essence or lotion.

4. The essence should be selected in a targeted manner, so that it can be adjusted according to the skin type to repair skin problems.

5. The effect of lotion and cream is similar. They are both water-locking. It is recommended to use lotion in summer and cream in winter.

6. Sunscreen is the last step of skin care. It is recommended to use sunscreen first and then isolate. Generally, sunscreen is chemical sunscreen, which needs to penetrate into the skin to work. If you apply an isolation cream first, the effect of sunscreen may be weakened. Skin care steps: moisturizing → sunscreen → makeup primer/isolation → foundation (air cushion, powder, liquid foundation, foundation cream, foundation stick, BB cream, CC cream) → concealer → facelift → loose powder → thrush → eye makeup → lip makeup → blush.

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