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Lancome Black Gold Pet Eye Care Cream How to use?

First of all, the small black bottle family focuses on repairing the skin and helping your skin cells return to the healthiest state. Small Ampoule Serum, a bottle of fresh skin care products, needs to be pressed and shaken well before use. Mainly to relieve sensitive, redness, dryness, and tingling in the unstable period of the skin. Small black bottle, repair skin damage. Skin damage includes: dry, dull, slow metabolism, acne marks, pigment metabolism, etc. Help subsequent products absorb. Big eye serum, improve fine lines around the eyes, dark circles and bags under the eyes. Sculpting face cream, mainly deeply moisturizing and preventing aging. Steps to use: After cleaning the face – use cosmetics to wipe water – small black bottle essence muscle bottom liquid during the day (small ampoule at night) – other functional essence – face cream – big eye essence massage until absorbed – small black bottle eye cream Precautions for use:

fresh product skin care routine

1, small ampoule is a fresh skin care product, the shelf life after opening the bottle is two months, please use it within one month, the effect is best.

2, small ampoule only needs to be used one bottle a quarter. After using one bottle, please buy and use it in the next quarter.

3, skin care products for the face, do not apply them around the eyes, and water will not work. It must flow out around the eyes to wipe the eye cream. All of the above, I can’t think of anything else for the time being. I’m going to bed

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