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Korean cosmetics Cipanxiu 9-piece set usage order?

, cleansing 2, adjusting the skin texture (do not need to do it every day, generally refers to making a mask, once every few days)

morning and night korean skin care routine

3, use toner

4, apply lotion

5, protection: just like the coat we wear protects the skin (use foundation plus sunscreen or use an isolation cream with dual effects of foundation and sunscreen)

The whole use process of skin care products: 1. Clean the face 2. Use a mask (just do it every few days, if you don’t do a mask, skip this link), rinse off the mask 3, apply eye cream 4, pat toner (pat the face with your hands to help regulate the microcirculation of the skin ) 5. Lotion (apply from the inside out. The opposite technique will stretch the skin and easily form fine lines) 6. Foundation, sunscreen (or apply a specific foundation and sunscreen cream)

It should be noted that the lotion cannot be applied around the eyes, because the molecular particles of the lotion are generally suitable for facial skin absorption. For the delicate skin around the eyes, the molecular particles are not suitable for absorption, which is easy to form fat particles.

The correct way to use the eye cream is: from the end of the eye (outside the eye), from the outside to the inside, gently circle or pat, rotate the right eye clockwise, and rotate the left eye counterclockwise

The method of applying the protective layer of the skin is: from bottom to top, from the outside to the inside, gently pat evenly, and then gently apply from top to bottom to make it more uniform.

Open a brick and mortar store and buy cosmetics from Korea, what should I do?

Prepare your purchasing procedures, it is best to photocopy and hang them in a conspicuous position in the store.

You must be careful not to get counterfeits! This is very important, and it is related to your customer’s confidence in you in the future. As long as there is no counterfeiting, your pricing is reasonable. The service range is wider, and in addition to spot goods, orders are also accepted. And let the customers see your formal procedures, so that they can rest assured that the business will not be bad. Over time, the business will get better and better. Of course, your service must keep up, and your attitude must be good, which is equally important!

How to get the authorization of Korean skin care products?

Korean skin care product brands are graded, and mid-to-high-end or Pacific, LG Group and other companies’ brands cannot be authorized.

… Some other products such as small brands such as holika are ok, but the requirements are also very strict… I suggest you go to Korea when you have time, and ask the president of the specialty store.

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