Weight management

Key steps of the weighted evaluation method?

The weighted evaluation method (WeightedScoringMethod) is a common decision-making method that is very useful when evaluating multiple candidate programs. It weights various factors for each program and adds them together to determine the optimal solution. The following are the key steps of the weighted evaluation method:

how to a weighted scoring model project management

1. Identify all options: The first step is to identify all options and their corresponding characteristics and criteria. For example, when selecting a new IT system vendor, factors such as price, system functionality, delivery time, customer support, and vendor creditworthiness may be considered.

2. Select evaluation criteria: For each program, a set of evaluation criteria needs to be determined. These criteria should be closely related to decision-making issues and can be defined and designed for aspects such as quality, cost, time, technology, etc.

3. Determining weights: Once the evaluation criteria have been determined, it is necessary to decide on the weights for each criterion. These weights can be assigned empirically or quantified based on the actual available data.

4. Evaluation schemes: Each scheme is evaluated and a corresponding score is given for each criterion. When scoring against the chosen scoring criteria, a certain number of grades or scores can be given for each criterion to facilitate comparison.

5. Calculate Score: Multiply the score for each criterion by the corresponding weight and then add all the weighted scores to get the total score for each scheme.

6. Choose Best Scheme: By comparing the total scores of different schemes, the scheme with the highest score can be selected as the best decision scheme.

7. Sensitivity Analysis: Perform sensitivity analysis to evaluate the impact of weight changes in the selection. This helps to determine which scoring criteria have the greatest impact on the final evaluation result, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of the weights.

How is the four-level weighted score calculated?

In order to distinguish the English level more accurately, the scores of the CET-4 and CET-6 exams are not paper scores, but a more complex calculation model. After weighting and equivalence processing, the original scores are converted into normal scores with a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 70 with reference to the norm. At the same time, there is no passing line for the CET-4 and CET-6 exams, and the certificate of passing the exam is changed to a report card.

That is, the CET-4 scores on the 710-point system are assigned as follows: Writing part: 107 points, Listening part: 249 points, Reading comprehension part: 249 points, Translation part: 107 points.

The norm group for the CET-4 exam is selected from about 30,000 non-English major candidates from 16 universities across the country; the number of paper marks after each exam is equivalent is converted into report marks with reference to the norm. The calculation formula is:

In the formula, TotSco represents the total score, X represents the original total score before the norm conversion for each candidate, Mean represents the mean of the norm, and SD represents the standard deviation of the norm. The paper marks after each CET-4 exam are converted into reported scores with reference to this norm formula.

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