Weight management

keepapp How to set kilograms to catties?

Click on the weight record, enter the app that

corporate weight management software

calculates large calories?

1. Skinny. Skinny is a type of healthy slimming and weight loss application that provides simple and easy slimming solutions and provides massive scientific weight loss knowledge; you can share Moments with one click on the weight loss application; query calorie anytime, anywhere to give you a professional weight loss evaluation.

2. Mint. After logging in, enter your height, weight, goals and other information, and the software will make exercise and diet suggestions for you based on this information; you can also add healthy habits, such as daily exercise hours, eating habits, etc.

3. Food Library. It is a software for food calorie query and recording. Just download the mobile APP to easily query the details of various food information; provide high-quality dietary information, can scan the real thing for comparison and check the real thing information in seconds, record analysis of diet to intuitively understand the nutritional status of the body, etc.

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