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Just after washing your face, it is very white. As soon as you put on skin care products, it will turn black?

Just after washing your face, the skin is full of moisture, the skin appears very white, and the skin tone will return to normal later, not after using skin care products.

skin care routine darker skin

It is recommended to whiten your face in the following ways:

1. Wash your face with rice washing water

Wash your face with rice washing water at home every day, which will give your skin a soft whitening treatment. If you stick to it, you will see the whitening effect, and wrinkles will be reduced a lot. You can also cooperate with facial cleanser to remove facial dirt and keep your skin white and delicate.

2. Wash your face with white vinegar water

People with oily skin can use a small spoonful of white vinegar and warm water to whiten their skin. In doing so, the thick stratum corneum can become thin and soft, and the skin is not only white but also more delicate. Remember not to be greedy when washing your face with white vinegar. Excessive use will burn off the stratum corneum and make the skin very thin.

3. Sunscreen when you go out

You need to wear some sunscreen tools when you go out, and your skin also needs to apply a layer of sunscreen or barrier cream.

4. Apply a yogurt mask

1-2 times a week to make a yogurt mask. Just eat the yogurt we can eat to apply to the face. There are many lactic acid bacteria in it, which can make the skin white quickly. The yogurt mask is healthy, affordable, and does not hurt the skin.

5. Apply a seaweed mask

Apply a seaweed mask to the face. The whitening effect is very excellent, and it can supplement the collagen of the face, making the skin hydrated and fair. The seaweed mask is a little more troublesome to use. It is suitable for summer use. It wears less clothes and is not easy to get on the collar. It will be colder to use in winter.

6. Use a banana mask

Banana masks are generally used in combination with milk. Eat a banana every day, smash half of it, mix it with milk, apply it to the face, wait 10 minutes to wash it off, don’t wait for a long time, it will absorb the moisture of the skin and become dry.

Why does the face look black after rubbing skin care products?

After rubbing skin care products, the color of the face may not be as fair as before or there may be some blackening. I think it is not only because of skin care products, but also because of insufficient sleep, often staying up late, being careful not to eat greasy and spicy foods in diet, and avoiding deeply pigmented foods. If you do not pay attention to sun protection, you should drink more lemon juice and tomato juice to dilute melanin.

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