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Just a few steps to easily learn how to set up a kido children’s smartwatch?

1. After binding the watch, enter the main interface of the APP. Slide the screen on the left side of the APP to see the function bar menu, or you can enter the function bar menu on the left by clicking the baby’s avatar in the upper left corner; click the baby details bar to enter the baby details setting interface:

smart for life weight and age management

2. On this interface, you can set the baby’s avatar, name, gender, birthday, height, weight, age and other information; the two most important information are family information and school information. Click the family information to enter the following jump interface:

3. Click the green button behind the regional settings to enter the settings of the family fence. You can search for the location information of the family through the search bar. The search information is based on the search within a certain distance of the current location of the watch, so if the user wants to add far-away fence address information, please manually move the map to find, or move the user’s home location on the map through the current map interface. The fence setting can be polygonal.

4. When setting the school information, you can search for the school location on the map, or you can manually select the city, district and school name where the school is located to match the search. The current school fence presets nearly 2,000 kindergarten and primary school fences in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. School fence information in each city will continue to be added in the future.

5. The electronic fence contains home fence information, school fence information, and temporary safety area and dangerous area fence information. Users can manually set temporary safety or dangerous areas as a fence. Users can set up up to 5 fences (including home and school fences). For information push for fences, you can set whether to receive push information under the baby details column, and the default is open. When the push information is turned on, set the matching fence, and the push information will be pushed to every guardian member of the current baby. The condition for pushing information is that the baby will push information in and out of the school and home fence. The baby will push information when leaving the safe area fence, and the baby will push information when entering the dangerous area fence:

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