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je Rejuvenating Firming Anti-Wrinkle Combination How to use?

How to use: 1. Cleansing: Facial cleanser or cleansing milk washes the face, cleans pores, removes dirt and oil, and improves skin texture.

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2. Skin care: Use Ruiniweer Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Serum, massage the skin, improve skin elasticity, anti-wrinkle, and improve skin texture.

3. Moisturizing: Use Ruiniweer Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Lotion,

Can skin care products be mixed?

Can be mixed. 1. The components of skin care products are different. Reasonable matching can give play to each other’s advantages. If mixed and used properly, it can play a better maintenance effect. 2. For example, makeup water can help adjust the water and oil balance of the skin, essence can nourish the skin, lotion or cream can lock in the moisture and nutrients of the skin, while eye cream can make maintenance and repair of the eyes. The appropriate combination can make the skin care steps more complete. 3. In addition, everyone’s skin condition is different, and the skin care products they need are also different. If a brand of products is used alone, it may not fully meet the needs of the skin. According to the needs of the individual’s skin, different products can be used together to achieve better results. Of course, when using in combination, you also need to pay attention to the order and time interval of use of different skin care products.

What does Xiaobai combination skin care mean?

Xiaobai combination skin care usually refers to a simple skin care combination for beginners or inexperienced people. This combination may include basic skin care products such as basic cleansing products, toners, lotions or creams. The purpose is to help beginners understand basic skin care knowledge and provide them with a suitable starting point for skin care.

How to use the luxury lotus time repair combination?

Luxury Lotus Luxury Time Repair Combination is a skin care product combination. How to use it is as follows: First clean the face, you can use a cleanser or facial cleanser, then gently massage the face, then wash off with water, then apply the essence of Luxury Lotus Luxury Time Repair Combination evenly to the facial skin, gently massage until absorbed, and finally use a cream to lock in moisture. This skin care product can moisturize and repair the skin, has antioxidant effects, and delays skin aging.

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