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Japanese skin care products are suitable for Chinese people or Korean skin care products are suitable for Chinese people?

Suitable for Asians. Compared with European and American cosmetic skin care products, Korean ones are more suitable for us. I am using ESTHEMED, a Korean brand of skin care products. It is very good. People with pigmentation, dull skin tone, uneven skin tone, dry and inactive skin, rough skin, and sensitive skin can use it.

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Can Korean light spot whitening vc needle thin stratum corneum be used?

Vitamin C will not thin the stratum corneum. Vitamin C can be called a skin care element that everyone needs. Many skin care products now contain a certain amount of vitamin C, which can still maintain good performance until it is applied to the skin. Vitamin C can inhibit pigment mother cell deposition, which can not only effectively prevent dark spots and freckles, but also expel excess pigment from the body, completely improve dull skin tone, and make the skin fair and bright again. Although vitamin C does not thin the stratum corneum, it is generally more sensitive to skin with thin stratum corneum. When using vitamin C whitening products, be sure to try it on the back of the ear and other places to prevent allergies. Cosmetic effects of vitamin C:

1. The skin beauty effect of vitamin C. Vitamin C is added to many whitening products. It is considered to have a great whitening effect because it can help the skin resist ultraviolet rays and avoid dark spots and freckles. In summer, it can prevent skin damage after sun exposure, promote metabolism, expel the formed melanin, and dilute spots. In autumn and winter, it can change the dullness of the skin due to poor blood circulation. It can also help the skin lock in necessary moisture, avoid peeling and tightness caused by excessive evaporation, strengthen the skin’s ability to resist foreign pollution, and avoid skin fatigue, sallow and unsightly.

2. Vitamin C is one of the most important factors in maintaining skin health. It can eliminate dull skin tone, restore skin radiance and firmness, and maintain the skin’s natural moisturizing function. It can also effectively eliminate free radicals. However, because vitamin C is easy to oxidize and difficult to preserve, its use in skin care products is quite limited. Nowadays, many skin care products chemically treat vitamin C to make them less susceptible to wear and tear, and it can also enhance the permeability of the skin, which in turn destroys the synthesis of melanin. In this way, it can play a whitening effect. Lotions containing vitamin C can directly penetrate the skin and repair damage and aging caused by ultraviolet rays, so they can whiten the skin and reduce fine lines and dark spots. Recently, high concentrations of vitamin C are often used in the treatment of skin, because it can improve the efficacy of treating acne, whitening, etc.

3. The color of the skin mainly depends on the content of melanin in the skin. The root of melanin production lies in tyrosinase. Under its action, tyrosine in melanocytes is converted into dopaquinone, which is then oxidized to form eumelanin. The formed melanin gradually reaches the surface of the skin with the normal metabolism of the skin, and finally peels off naturally with the aging keratin. If the skin’s metabolism is not smooth, it will lead to a large amount of pigmentation, which will accumulate locally, and the color of the skin will deepen or form spots to cause uneven skin. Therefore, inhibiting the biosynthesis of tyrosinase and sun protection is the key to whitening. Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, block melanin production, protect the skin from ultraviolet damage, reduce the formed melanin to colorless pre-melanin, and improve the effect of dull skin. Of course, after melanin is reduced to a colorless state, there is no guarantee that it will not be generated again. To really whiten, in addition to vitamin C, you also need ingredients that can inhibit melanin production and effective sunscreen.

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