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Isiah’s height?

Isiah Thomas’s actual height is only 175CM, which is no different from ordinary people. It is shocking to be able to enter the NBA through the draft. But since entering the NBA with the 60th overall pick in the second round in 2011, it is a classic history of a short man’s counterattack.

weight management coach chicago

How tall is Lutherhead?

Chinese name


Foreign name




Date of birth

November 26, 1982






United States


Chicago, Illinois

Graduate College

Yi Linoy University

NBA draft

2005 1st round 24th selected by the Rockets

Introduction of Strong?

Strong, full name: Derek. Strong. Born on April 8, 1971 in Texas, USA. English name: DerkGlong. Height 1.68 meters, weight 104kg. Arm span 1.75 meters. He is a basketball coach. Graduated from the University of Chicago. In 1992, he joined the management of the Houston Rockets as a scout. He joined the Wizards management team as deputy general manager in 1998. He became the head coach of the Austrian men’s basketball team in August 2019.

Dawson is tall and has an arm span of 1.85 meters. Weight 81kg. Dawson is a basketball player who currently plays for the NBA team Chicago Bulls. Born in Washington in July 1999. Studied at the University of Kansas in 2016. Participated in the NBA draft in 2020 and was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the 22nd overall pick in the first round. After joining the team, he served as a backup point guard.

Nikola Vucevich Profile?

Nikolai Vucevich was a Russian inventor and engineer who was born in 1856 and graduated from the TechAcademy in St. Petersburg in 1879. His most famous inventions were alternating current generators and electric motors, which made possible the distribution of electricity and the development of means of transportation.

Vucevich became one of the founders of modern power systems and magnetoelectricity. The alternating current system he invented has basically become the most dominant power system in the world. Some of his other inventions include transformers, electric lights and radio transmission technology.

Nikolai Vucevich was also an enthusiastic scientist and social activist. He dedicated his life to applying science and technology to improve human life. He also encouraged public openness to science and the importance of science education.

Vucevic died in 1943, but his achievements and contributions to science and technology are widely recognized and respected worldwide.

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