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Is there judo in the 2024 Olympic Games?

Judo is an Olympic event. As early as 1964, when Japan hosted the 18th Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan, as the host country, added men’s judo as a sport to the Olympic Games. Although it was later cancelled, it was quickly restored. At the 25th Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, women’s judo became one of the Olympic events.

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In the Olympic Games, men’s judo and women’s judo competitions are slightly different. Men’s judo is 5 minutes per game, women’s is 4 minutes, and men’s weight is higher than women’s in each level. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, there were 14 events in judo, seven for men and seven for women. The costumes of the Olympic judo competition are also constantly changing. In the past, athletes wore white judo uniforms, and later there were competitors wearing white and blue judo uniforms.

Modern judo was founded by Japan’s Kana Jigoro in the 1880s, and it became a worldwide sports competition in the 1950s. In 1956, Japan hosted the first World Judo Championships, and later, under the promotion of Japan, it became an Olympic event.

Where is Tanner Groves from?

Tanner Groves (English name: Tanner Groves, born on May 22, 1999), his hometown is located in Spokane, Washington, USA. He is an American professional basketball player and a center. He played for the Eastern Washington Eagles and Oklahoma City Clippers during his college years.

Signed cba Xinjiang team on January 12, 2024; height

208cm age 25 years old weight 109kg

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