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Is the toner used after washing your face or before washing your face?

Wash your face first and then apply the lotion. Cleansing is the first step in all skin care, and the lotion should be used after washing your face. The lotion mainly plays a hydrating effect. When the stratum corneum of the skin is filled with a lot of moisture, not only does the skin look brighter, but the skin will also become full and firm. More importantly, the skin’s metabolism will also speed up in a moisturized state, and its ability to repair itself and fight irritation is stronger.

when do you use toner in your skin care routine

Which one should be used first, essential oil or water?

Use toner first, then essential oil. This will not make the skin too tight, and play a cleansing effect.

Correct order of use of essential oils and skin care products. The order of adding essential oils to daily skin care is very important. Pure essential oils cannot be used directly to massage the skin, so the essential oils usually used to massage the face must be diluted with base oils. Base oils are vegetable oils that are fat-soluble. Essential oils should be used after water-soluble skin care products, and fat-soluble products should be used after using essential oils. For example, essential oils should be used after toners, lotions, etc., and creams should be used after using essential oils.

Do you use toners first for skin care at night, and then hydrating lotions, creams, and serums?

Generally, toners are used before lotions. The functions of water and water are similar. They all adjust the texture of the skin and lay a good foundation for the absorption of the lotion. The lotion is the key to skin care. In addition, toners also have different usages. If they have secondary cleaning functions, they need to be wiped on the face with the help of a cotton pad, while some can be directly poured into the palm of the hand and patted on the face without secondary cleaning. Personally, it is recommended to use a cotton pad, which will be more hygienic.

And the lotion can be poured directly into the tiger’s mouth part of the hand, and then used the five-point method (that is, point on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin respectively) to massage and apply evenly on the face. It’s ok! If you want the lotion to absorb better, you can try to replace the toner with essence water. Essence water is not aimed at ordinary skin cleansing demands, but at moisturizing the skin according to different skin types to achieve a deeper repair effect and improve the absorption of subsequent skin care products.

What is the function of toner? How to use toner correctly?

Toner can be said to be an essential step in many girls’ skin care, but not everyone knows how to use toner. The old aunt in the skin care industry will come and chat with the girls today.

1. How to use it correctly. When using the toner, try not to pour it directly on your hands and then pat it on your face. It is best to buy some skin-friendly cotton pads, pour the toner on the cotton pad, and then press it evenly on your face. After applying the toner, you can rub your hands hot and stay on your face for a while, so that the toner will absorb better and reduce the waste of toner.

2. Toner Use Steps The function of the toner is mainly to soften the exfoliation of the skin, moisturize the skin, and facilitate the absorption of subsequent skin care products. Before using the toner, be sure to wash your face with a facial cleanser, and then you can use a cotton pad to apply the toner. If it is night skin care, follow the steps of facial cleanser – toner – lotion – cream. If it is day makeup, follow the steps of facial cleanser – toner – lotion – sunscreen.

3. How to choose a toner When choosing a toner, be sure to choose according to your skin type. If it is a girl with oily skin, choose a toner with a refreshing texture. If it is a girl with dry skin, choose a toner with a moist texture. For acne skin, choose a toner that can adjust the balance of water and oil, which can improve the overall condition of the skin as a whole.

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